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Family time

Hay everyone, 

How was your weekend? I had a lovely weekend at home with my Family. The weather was horrid and the rain wouldnt stop so the weekend was spent relaxing. It was very bitter sweet for me I spent alot of time crying and our Beloved Ben had good and this kinda made it very really for me. He was such a special dog to me. If your not a dog person you wont get this but he was my doggy brother.

But on a happy note we got to meet the crazy wee boy called Garty He is a cocker spaniel and about 14 weeks I think and he was obsessed with our dog Mille and spent the weekend playing and following her in between sleeps of course. 

the weekend was not very eventful just nice to relax at home. One of our neighbors ( few crofts along) pointer dog went missing so we all got in our cars and went looking for her. She turned up safe and sound but it was funny seeing me in one car my mum in another and my dad in the jeep driving about the hills looking and shouting this dog. People must think we are crazy!

Kirsty (mums Horse)

Nothing says home like a coal fire to me

Millie Meeting the latest member of the family

very tired dogs

Stewie and Garty

tug of war was the game that lasted hours

Garty liked to Kiss Millie alot

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  1. Awww, sweet doggies! Looks like you had a nice weekend!