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Freebie Friday Win - Busy Bee Candles

Hi everyone, How are we all this Friday?

Now I was a very lucky Girl and won this Gorgeous Busy Bees Candle mini tart and mini burner check out there website for more information on this British company
 Busy Bee Candles. 

This was a huge prize and as you know I love me some candles and tarts so to say I was delighted was an understatement.

Now I have only burned one so far and I can not believe the fragrance that has come out of this tiny little tart. It is that strong and delish that my Fiance came in and asked what I was cooking!! He could smell it in the Stairwell! 

When I first have seen this I thought this is perfect for the bathroom as its quite small but the fragrance that comes out of this covers my living room and kitchen no problems. I will be buying some Xmas Pressies for my Mum and Mother in Law to be from here they will love it.

 It's fair to say I'm in tart heaven with this win! Thanks again Busy Bee candles

Have you tried these before or any of there candles 

let me know any recommendations you have!

MissLJBeauty X0X0