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Tesco Prize onesie!!

Hi everyone.

How are you all today? 

So I'm just back from my holiday! so having a bit of holiday blues I was very excited when my postie knocked on my door and delivered this.  everything available here clothing at tesco

Oh my gosh to say I was delighted would be a complete understatement. This is wrapped so nicely its crazy!

Now I was not ready for the treasure the box contained. 

there is a Gorgeous Onesie! Now Im not sure if everyone who one got this doggy onesie or not but this is perfect for me I love me some Dogs 

Yip you guessed it i had to put this straight on and its so nice and fits so well! cosy night in anyone? 

Now I also got this gingerbread man kit and a lint chocolate which I have to admit eat it straight away! My fiance is delighted with the ginger bread kit as I dont like ginger but we can make theses for him! 

 Look at this scarf! its white is fluffy and sooo cosy 
Now I love me some fluffy socks and I was given a gorgeous pair and a pair of mittens with cute fluffy bits. 

Now I am not the Luckiest of people but this is so amazing! and Im so happy I won this so thanks again tesco!

MissLJBeauty xoxo 

Do you do competitions? what have you won?


  1. Amazing you lucky thing!!! I don't do competitions anymore but so I miss them now especially after seeing this! Xx


    1. Aw I was lucky but I never win anything so I'm so delighted

  2. I love onesies! You are tagged in my Thanksgiving tag I'm trying to get published, Be on the lokout!

  3. Some amazing goodies there! That scarf and onesie looks so cosy! xo

    1. Thanks I am so lucky here I just love it