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Wee holiday to devon primark haul

I'm on my holidays for two weeks in devon so apologises if I'm a bit quiet on the blog front! 

I nipped into the local Torquay Primark and had to pick up a few items 

This cardigan was £5 in the sale I got it in a 10 as it's the last one and to say its huge is a understatement it has to go back ;(
This is cute and was £5 so although it's a 10 and a bit baggy I think is ok to keep 

This item has started an obsession with me it's £8 skirt and it's so pretty on!
I need more ! 
With every visit to primark I picked up a couple of packs of socks one was £3 and one £2.50 
I picked up two pairs of leggings in size 12 as this is the smallest they had and I needed them as I was not prepared for the heat done here ! We have snow up north for goodness sake! Now these are crazy big I normall get a 10 but these where really big ! I don't know if it's just me or can you pick up two size 10 Items and one is tiny and one is huge??? Just me? 

What do you think? Any primark hauls lately or any recommendations? As I will have to go back now! 


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