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Today's nails using royal cosmetics connections

Hay everyone 

Happy Friday! 

How's everyone today? 

Today on my nails I'm using Royal cosmetics connection instant manicure! I picked this up in Trago mills for £1.79 

This patten really caught my eye as it's so pretty. This is what's in the kit 20 nail stickers 
One cutical stick and a nail file.

This peel off ans attach to your nail and you heat them mildly ! 
I have to say these are rubbish and they are not sticking to my nails I have small hands and nail and the sizing in this packet was not the best very large in my opinion. 

Here are the results. 

They are peeling off already 

Even after trimming these to size they are lifting and peeling! I won't be buying these again! 
I had really high hopes for these as they are cute and the price is quite good but I just wasted money as these will be off in about 10 mins. 

Oh well you have to try these. Things to know right? 

My dog likes them though at lease they haven't go to waste lol 

Have you tried any of these? Or different brands? 

Missljbeauty xoxo 

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