December 2015 haul - MissLJBeauty

December 2015 haul

Hi everyone, 

How are you all? 

So I was away on holiday. Whats a girl to do but hit primark. ( shh this was the second of two trips) 
I love seeing this on everyone's blogs. so here's my quick dash round primark. This is Defo a winter haul. 

This stunning extra large art an throw was only £7 
I'm kicking myself I never grabbed two. 
Xmas wrapping paper. I'm obsessed with all things stags so this is a must
I think they were £1 each.

I have no cardigan left in my wardrobe I swear there a monster in there eating them. 
This was on sale at £5 it was in a few colours wish I had got the cream one too.
I love these top slight stretch in them just compy £3.50 
This one is cotton 
This one is the stretchy type £4 
£4 I think I now own all the colours 
I'm always needing a necklace to go out in. I love my necklaces but they are so special to me I'm always worried I'll break them. 
Love this gold plan simple stunning. 
I thought this are too cute not to grab! 
I am always looking for hair clips. Again I think the monster eats these. 
It's freezing at home so glove are always a must 
Every single time I go in to primark I grab some of there wipes 
They are great for grab and go moments! £1
I seen this end I had to have it! It was £10 
It's so soft and comfy honestly it's just lovely
Free belt is always a plus 
Why wouldn't I pick up this 50p steal 
Cute 50p bangle 
Another 50p steal! I love simple jewellery 
Pack of black socks £2.50 I always grab these too. 
Footlets are super cute for winter £1

Have you been to primark lately? 

Missljbeauty xoxo 

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