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Party survival tips #GeorgepartyTips

Hi Everyone, 

How are you all? 

It's that time of year again! its festive party season so I thought I'd do a do and don't. 
In my life I have been to many a party, let's just start at the start. 

The Prep
Do pick your outfit in advance! My outfit for this year's office party is from George at Asda.

This stunner is only £20 Yip £20! I got a size 8. It's a good size. I love the classic shape with added touch of jazz. I'll do a get ready with me on the night. The material is so nice its hard to describe but it feels amazing. I have spent a fortune on dresses before but this is defo my favorite dress I have ever owned.

This moves me on to a don't. 

Don't go shopping with your gran! yes a woolly jumpers and thermals will keep you warm but this hardly the look of the season! ( I remember school discos wearing warm clothes haha)

My look is never complete without a nice jacket. 

Do bring a jacket no matter where you are it's cold at night and no one wants a trip to A&E with frostbite ( This happened to a friend of mine)

This is from George at ASDA

I actually got this in a size 12 as I will wear it with big jumper it's very roomie. I cant believe its from asda the quality is better than some designer pieces I have, The fur trim is detachable. I honestly will get so much wear out of it. another bargin at £35 I have been looking for month for one like this and I have tried on loads from topshop etc but this is by far the nicest I have tried on. 

The christmas jumper 
Do be original like me. I Love this jumper and for the first time ever it's a nice material and thin so you can pop a vest top on under it or not!! ITS DALMATIAN to and only £14 at George. all my christmas jumper have been heavy and itchy before this one. 

It comes with spare sparkles to. I got a size 8 again its a perfect size. I'm in between a 8-10. P.s if like me you're a dalmatian lover or owner check this out dalmation at ASDA. There was more items which you can get in store too. 

Don't Get one with a swear word this might be funny but will your very formal big boss really find  it funny or will you always be the person who had F*** santa on there top!

Make up

Do have the girls round for a pamper session. Your friends will always be on hand to help. if you good at eyeliner and your friends good a hair. perfect help each other out. I love doing makeup so I always offer to do it for them. 

Don't do your makeup after a few wines! I can't say this enough. You may think you're a trendsetter after a few wine or cocktails until the next day and you see the photos on facebook!! (been there done that)

The party

Do remember if you have a works dinner and drinks to not sample to much of the free drinks. (kinda a don't but you know where I am going)

Don't decide to tell the office bitch who she is and why she is not liked in the office. This goes for all colleagues I.e. bosses. co workers. supervisors etc. Also not the time to tell steve in account he has a BO problem Or the time to tell that special someone how hot they are especially if there other half is near by. ( I've seen this happen it was like car crash TV)

Do be your polite charming self.

Don't be the drunkest at the party (think the plane scene in bridesmaids) (again been there done that)

Do enjoy yourself. let go it's christmas. Let your hair down. PARTY DANCE & HAVE FUN

Do plan your journey home. Order that taxi. Ask your friend to pick you up.
 Never walk alone. Keep safe. If you take nothing else from my tips please listen to this one. 

Don't take your shoes off and walk in the street. I have seen some serious injuries thought this. Pop in your handbag a pair of flats. I love these Ballet pumps £3 

Last two but the most Important in my opinion

Don't Leave your drink unattended, Yes I am a ex cop so I have seen worst case scenarios. Please dont table dash also know as going to a table and finishing other people's leftover drinks. You will thank me in the morning!

Do Text a friend to save you from any awkward encounters I like to have a code with my mates I.E it's lovely that girls yellow top -Get me outts here! 
and a little text to say your home safe and sound is a must I always text my mates to make sure they are ok.

whats your survival tips ?

MissLJBeauty *

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