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What I got for christmas 2015

So this is what I got for christmas this year. I am always quite aware that these post can be a bit controversial as some people think you are gloating. I asked you all on twitter and it was a highly requested post so here it is. I was spoilt by my friends and family. I am posting most of my presents but a few I have held back. I got a gorgeous frame from my BFF with her & her hubby and my goddaughter which is very special so I'm keeping that one just for me. I also received some money I am getting a sports tracker with this. ( any suggestions I want Heart rate monitor and gps)

 I love candles. My Friends know me so well. I have to say the silver one with the L on was handmade by my lovely friend paul which is so thoughtful & I don't think I will burn it as its so nice. 
 Sorry I have worn this already, I just love it
 You know me I'm Obsessed with Liz Earle and this is my favorite scented hot cloth cleanser.
La Roche-Posay Effacler anti blemish system. I can't wait to try this I have some of their product already and really like them. My skin has been terrible this winter so here's hoping this helps.
 A gorgeous Body shop cranberry set and bubble bath 
 New Endura Mountain biking glasses ( yeah!! no more bugs in my eyes) I haven't had any since my big crash at bike park wales.
A running dog lead. So I can go running with Mylo (dalmatian) easier. This go's round my waist and has a wee spring so it doesn't pull on you so much. 
 I love this I cant wait for it to be put up in my beauty room! 
 Soap and glory get set
 New biking gloves to keep my hands toasty and not wet and cold. A very cute pen and notebook. 
dalmatian slippers!! 
  Yankee candles so nice and a new hot water bottle
 My Big pressie from my hubby. Which nearly didn't arrive as it came from Macys 
 You know I love handbags and this one is more than perfect!
 I love the gold piping which looks better in real life than in the photos
 The inside lining is divine

 so many pockets to hold all my junk

 Borders Cookies the best cookies in the world!
 My mother in law got us this little hand soap pump I couldnt like it more. 
 My lovely friend made this for me. so cute looks just like mylo 
 The lovely People at www.cheerz.com sent me some christmas gifts too.

This frame is so cute and at only £19.95 Its a bargain.  If you're in the market for new frames or photo printing. 
I couldn't recommend them enough. Plus the app is so easy to use get over there. 
 These posters start at £11.95 I really like how this has turned out plus editing the photos was so simple. We haven't had many of our wedding photos framed and this is just so nice in our living room we have had so many compliments already!

 some sparkles 
a really special photo
In case you though millie had been left out my Hubby got me a Team springador T-shirt! 

Hope you have enjoyed my post and Leave me links to your christmas posts I love reading these. 

MissLJBeauty xoxo

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