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What a pawsome Christmas!

Hi Everyone,

Sorry this one is a wee bit late but I've been a bit poorly. 

So between Christmas and New year, The pups received their monthly surprise Pawsomebox.co.uk

Millie (Springador) & Mylo (Dalmatian)
 Here is what I had to put up with two very sad pups after the excitement of christmas was over. 
 Then mylo's favorite man (next to his dad of course) arrived at the door with a box addressed to him and his sister. Is anyone else dog obsessed with the postie. Mylo really does think he is his best friend. Our lovely postie is actually scared of dogs but took a shine to Mylo since we got him and plays with him in the garden every time he's there.  Mylo is always very sad if he is in the house and doesn't get to see him. All dog owner's understand the sad dog eyes & crys. 
 Its was like christmas again in this house. The pups were so excited. It was actually Millies birthday.
 So what's in this months box, I hear you ask. 
Traditional christmas pudding, they both loved these treats. Which if you have read the other post about my dogs is a great sign. millie is so fussy and mylo has tummy issues, but these got eaten and enjoyed.
 A Christmas plush Toy, Oh my gosh this is so cute. I have to say they had a great time killing this
does anyone else dog live to kill soft toys?
 Mylo stole this and ran away with it so cute and very squeaky. He had fun with this one bouncing it all over the house. 
This is always a winner in this house rope toys last the longest with both our dog and they have spent hours with this one, 

 Doggy shampoo great shampoo smells nice and cleans the pups with no nasty chemicals. 
 This looked and smelled like the bilton my hubby loves and oh my gosh I think if the pups could talk they would be ordering me to get them more. they both loved it and I love there's no added sugar! I'm really fussy about what the dogs eat. 
Chocolate oranges the dogs can have! Ok now the dogs loved this but I have a confession my hubby dared me to try it and I have to say it tasted good like chocolate orange biscuits. I did only taste it though. The pups adored them and again no tummy issues from mylo (winner)

 Millie was so excited I let her pick first as she always runs and hides her favorite item so she can play with it later (The robin)

I love the Info booklet there is always loads in it. This month is full of fun activities like making your own dog toys. I also Love the back page full of the dogs enjoying there boxes! My favorite this month is defo Gizmo look at that face! 

Have you ordered you dog or cat a box yet Pawsomebox.co.uk
MissLJBeauty xoxo