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Its tea & coffee Time

Hi everyone. 

How are you all today? 

I have bought some amazing Tea and coffee product so I thought I'd share them with you. 

I have had a few Tea pig products when out in cafes and coffee shops.
So I thought I would get some more. I looked at the website and to be honest I was overwhelmed with the choice so I desiced this time I would do Pick n' Mix box which is £15 plus delivery. You get 12 packs or 2 tea bag mini packs and you can pick and combination out of the huge selection.

I ordered the following 

Everyday Brew- loved this one very smooth Defo a go to tea.
Chai tea- spicy and delish
Chocolate flake tea - Just no was not good was very strange
Green tea with mint- I'm drinking this right now fresh and relaxation in a mug
Popcorn tea- amazing tea with popcorn its fun fresh with a sweet kick a fun favorite 
(P.S My hubby even steals this one)
Sliver Tip white tea- yum yum This taste like it has milk but defo doesn't. Its sweet to.
Rooibos creme caramel- Very sweet and can cure my sugar cravings. To me it more cream then caramel.
Super Fruit- very sweet and berry explosive in a mug Love this for the afternoon.

Next lets talk coffee. I have been recommend by my doctor to up my caffeine intake so this gave me the perfect excuse to buy myself a wee coffee machine. I searched the sales and decided to go with a tassimo one as I liked that you can get costa coffee pods. There was one on currys website for £29.99 but I couldn't get it. So I decided to go for the bosch suny from argos. I got this for Half price at £49.99 so It was a good prices. I love that there is no water heat up time its so simple to use and to clean. Its a one button machine so Even I cant mess this up. 

So far I have tried. 

Costa Cappuccino- nice strong but very small in size. you get the coffee pod and milk pod
Americano the strongest of strong coffee a big size you just add your own milk. one pod
Latte Macchiato caramel - This was my dream and its a bit funky to be honest its just not quite right.again very small. two pods 
Cadburys hot chocolate - amazing I actually use this pod twice to get a full cup as it so small. one pod
Oreo hot chocolate - Heaven in little pods I put the chocolate one trough twice and the cream once. nice big cup of amazing oreo magic.

Whats you favorite tea and coffee? More review to come. 

MissLJBeauty xoxo