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Whey to look and feel great with Nutribuddy

Hi Everyone, 

How are you all? 

Lets get down to business and by business I mean the dreaded word of January, You know the one on everyone's lips DIET!.

I have been doing Nutribuddy.com sculpting Whey weight loss shake. Which I have used as a meal replacement or a snack after exercise. I have the vanilla flavour. A big bag is only £34.99. This lasted me ages. Longer than any of my other protein.  
Inside the packet is a handy measuring scoop. Giving you the perfect amount of whey (30g) for your shake. 
I have mine with almond coconut milk and I add either frozen fruit or bananas. This Whey is divine and more like a naughty frozen yogurt. I would say ice cream but I hate ice cream ( Yes I am weird) and I love this.  
I love the shake bottle I find this perfect for taking my shake with me on the go. I do blend my sculpting whey in my blender with the fruit but I find this bottle with the little mixer ball is great at reactivating my shake on the go. Plus its only £4.99.

I would check out weight loss starter kit as you get one of all there product for £69.99
Now My results have been awesome. I have to say I think They would have been better but Christmas & New Years was in the middle of my review. ( So I had the week off).

what I did with My diet, I kept it normal the only thing I did was exchange either my breakfast for a shake or a snack for a shake. Yes I still had chocolate and the odd treat. 

I have to say whilst I was on this I wasn't hungry. I felt full and would have to remind myself to eat. Which is great for me as I suffer with low energy levels and this kept me going and I didn't have the mid afternoon slumps that I normally have or the 11's.

The ingredients are the key to keeping you full. Whey protein, green tea  & Guarana are all known to give your metabolic rate a kick start leading to fat burning properties. Chromium & whey are known appetite suppressants amond with their other amazing qualities. 

I really like the little book of weight loss that comes with your whey. This is so insightful and full of information about the products offered by nutribuddy I love the sound of the Hunger Fix capsules and will have to try them. It has a 5 day meal plan inside this book which is full of yummy recipes from porridge to chilli con carne there is something for everyone.  

I also have to mention that I have been ill lately so my training has had to go to the back burner. Which is a shame as I can't imagine what my results would be if I was on my normal training schedule. 
Might have to continue my Nurtibuddy journey. I was actually sad to have my last shake. 

What Nutribuddy say about there 

SCULPTING WHEY – WEIGHT LOSS SHAKE "I help with weight loss, toning and definition. I can be taken as a meal / snack replacement or before and after exercise.

  • Suitable for men and women
  • Only 115 calories per serving
  • Helps with weight loss and muscle definition
  • Tastes delicious and can be mixed with milk or water
  • Can be used to make foods such as smoothies, protein pancakes and protein porridge
  • Comes with FREE Little Book of Weight Loss"
You all know I'm a huge believer in the power of Whey protein and the weight loss benefits this brings to a diet. I love this and would recommend you trying nutribuddy. So I know what you really want to know what is my loss? 

Before (in the black and Pink outfit)
 After (in Purple and black) 
 Before                                 After
 Before                                 After
 Before                              After
Before                         After

Drum roll please I lost 5.3kg or 8.34lbs

Measurements loss
Bust  1.5 inches
waist 2.5
hips 3.2
thighs 2.5
calf 0.5 (my most stubborn area)
Arms 0.5

Now I'm no model but I do work on my body and I try to stay active. I'm just an ordinary girl who likes to try these diets and fitness product so you don't have to try the ones that don't work. 

I have to also mention I'm back in my size 8 Jeans boom!

MissLJBeauty xoxo