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Doggie diets

Hi Everyone. 
How are you all? 

Lets talk dogs for a wee minute. My two dogs are very different and this can be a nightmare and a blessing all at the same time.  If you have been following me a while you will know them but if your new here is a wee intro. 

This is Millie she is 4 and she is a Springador ( springier spaniel lab mix). We got Millie at 18 months as her previous owns thought she was a bit hyper! Millie is the laziest dog you can meet by the way! Unless she is swimming or there a ball involved that is. 

As soon as we got her we took her to be checked at the vet and the vet told us she had had a ectopic pregnancy and her poor paws where worn to nothing as her old owners walked her on the concert paths all the time. Once we had her back to full health. we noticed her hips didn't seem quite right. She is a Springador so she does wiggle that bootie a lot but this was different. she started to limp. So back to the vet and a Xray revealed she had mild hip dysplasia. So we have to monitor her very closely and make sure we don't over exercise her and watch her weight so no extra pressure is put on her hips. 

Above any thing Millie is our princess and if it wasn't for her I wouldn't have come out of my depression. 

Next up is Mylo

After we got married as a wedding present to our self we got Mylo he was 12 weeks when we got him. My granddad had a pointer and I loved her so much that I have always wanted this kind of dog and when we seen an advert for Dalmatian pups on our mini moon it was fate. 
We learned quickly that Mylo has a very sensitive tummy and he has to be on a very strict diet.

 The main reason we wanted a bigger dog is we are both keen mountain biker and we wanted a dog to come with us. I like knowing that Mylo is with my hubby and hes not on his own. My hubby had a huge crash last year and went in to a tree he woke up to Mylo frantically licking his face! Mylo needs a diet that suits his very unique needs. 

He is a huge softy and loves nothing more than cuddle and kisses. where we are out I find peoples reactions to him funny they are either obsessed or scared because he's large. I find this funny because I have been round dogs all my life and I can say he is the softest thing ever!

So we have covered the two pups and there individual needs. They were sent some food to try. I love that this was sent to our door super fast and hassle free. I also like that they get individual food as they really are so different. You go online and fill in lots of details about each pet and from the information they give you they create a blend for each dog and sent it out with handy leaflets to keep you informed. When you create your account it does set up a direct debit so your never have to worry about reordering i now this is a love hate thing for some people but I find it so convenient. 

Mylos blend is 15.1% healthy active, 18.8 % calorie control 66.1% tailored vitality. 
Why is this for Mylo what in it ? there Beep pulp which helps with healthy digestion for his wee tummy.  Potato for energy High quality protein for healthy body. It also got loads of vitamins and minerals to promote growth and omega 3&6 for a glossy coat and good skin! £38.02

Millies Blend is 45.9% joint car 20, 5.1% senior nutrition and 49% active nutrition 22.So we have mobility and joint care for her hips. essential fatty acid for healthy coat and skin. weight control elements to keep her in tip top condition. dental care and healthy growth and vitality. £20.09 per month.

These both come with measuring cup which you set up to each dogs individual needs. Give you peace of mind that you are giving each do the right about and not over or under feeding them. 

For both do we for a month its about £58  which is not to bad for quality food for them. My dog loved this maybe too much as they would wake up early have there dinner and then want to go back to sleep. deliver every month to your door so no more lugging huge dog food bags from the pet shop. I am in the highland and they deliver here free of charge! 

Tails have kindly given me a discount code for you to have 2 week free trial with just £1 delivery too Just enter MISSLJBEAUTY at the checkout and go and get some for your prince or princess. 

What do you feed you pups?