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How to stay healthy at work.

Hi Everyone,

How are you all?

During the summer months. I have a great job in a Ticket office that I love but I find I do get a few aches and pains from sitting at the desk for hours. Hands up if you’re an office worker who forget to have a good stretch? I read that office workers need to move more to increase their life expectancy. What on earth are we all doing! If office worker doesn’t exercise for more than a hour a day we are 60% more likely to die early. By forgetting to move whilst we are working we are literally taking years off our life! This has to change NOW.  The research doesn't mean go workout for an hour every day it just mean that we should be at least briskly walking for a hour a day to combat all the sitting.

I found this amazing sequence of office yoga from I have been following it a few days now and I am really feeling the benefits. So I have been on a mission this month to change my desk habits and move more on my shift. As you know I am recovering from an injury to my knee. 
I wouldn't normally worry about not exercising enough because I do a lot of biking when I'm off work but not at the moment with my knee.

So we have covered moving? Now what else should be considered?

Food. You know I have a love love relationship with food. I try to lead a healthy life but this summer has been the opposite if I'm honest. I am getting back on my rightful ways now. We have to think about our body's as a machine and what we put in is what we get out. I know if I have a healthy breakfast I'm full till lunch but if I skip it I am a snackaholic! So if you have a long day a head. You need to plan and think about your meals and what you want out of them. I know this can be a hassle but with so many healthy options in all stores now it really is hard to make excuses. Plus, going for a walk to the shop on your lunch hour adds in your much needed steps hitting that hour will be easy to achieve then.

Our eyes. I am not the best at this but we should be taking 5 minutes an hour away from our computer to give our eyes a rest from looking at the screen. I sometime wonder how long in a day I spend looking at different screen, we have computer screens, mobile phone, TVs and iPad. No wonder so many of us need glasses or get regular head aches.

Water. Yes, I go on and on about water but it’s really is so important to our body not only for basic body functions but it combats fatigue. Which can be a major problem when sat at a computer for a long time. Also if you find this a struggle, I love re hydration tablets these are an awesome way to get the fluid you need. plus you don't have to run to the toilet all the time.

Smiling, Yip I know this sounds cheesy but a smile is infectious and can really turn someone’s day around. We all have bad days but a smile and a friendly word can go a long way. I am lucky to work with a great bunch and they really can turn a long day in to a fun one with some fun stories and banter. We have to remember we can be as healthy as we want but if your mind is struggling our body will too.

How do you stay healthy at work?