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Dogs and Death #willinnumbers

Hi Everyone,

How are you all?

I was away this week and I had to do a 4-hour drive each way. The way back was very scary. The road where pretty flooded and a challenge to drive.

This got me thinking about what would happen if I died. I know morbid, but a very really and inevitable fact of life.

I have a very little family and in my house it is me, my gorgeous hubby and my two babies. Yes, my babies are my two dogs who you have read about a lot in my posts.

If the worst happened and my hubby and I were involved in an accident. I worry what would happen to my pups.

So I started thinking about a will. As you may or may not know I am an ex-cop and I have seen many times people passing away without having a will and this has left so many issues for their loved ones. 51million Britons don’t have a will. What a crazy number of people with no say in what happens to their possessions if they die. This also means if you have no immediate relatives the crown will get their full estate. This happens so often.

As I said I have a small family and I don’t speak to my parents and sister. So my nightmare would be that they had some say after I passed.  

I worry about Millie and Mylo. Who will look after them? Who would know that Millie has mild hip dysplasia and you have to monitor her exercise.
Also Mylo has major dietary requirement that you really can’t stray from his diet or he will have a really bad tummy.

So I think it’s time me and my husband talked wills. To get our affairs in order encase the worst happens to us.

I am lucky that I know my lovely In-laws would look after the pups and would never let anything happened to them. They might have a fight on their hands with our best mate Dave as Millie is obsessed with him and if I was to be completely honest she is Dave’s dog and just lives with us!

My two are an unlikely pair but you could never separate them. Millie might pretend she doesn’t like her brother but if he is out without her she misses him deeply. Mylo just worships the ground Millie walks on and when she is out will cry his heart out for her. We had Millie for about one year before we got Mylo. Mylo fell in love with her the moment he seen her and when we took him to come live with us. He scratched me to death to curl up in Millie’s bed with her. He lives to steal the odd cuddle with her even now. So I defo have to get a plan together for them!
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Have you talked wills?

MissLJBeauty xo