Primark haul September 2016 - MissLJBeauty

Primark haul September 2016

Hi everyone. 

I was away for a few days so I hit Primark. Here is what I picked up. 

Bath mat I always grab a new one of these. 

 pack of sock and fluffy socks. I always grab face wipes for taking the make up off the back of my hand. Two jelly bean hand sanitize. this smells amazing not like jelly beans but something else. 
 quite simply I was thirsty so water is  need. 
two vest tops I wear these to death. new gloves the weather is turning up here so need these. orange sticks for manicures and false lashes.  rose gold little scissors and hair bobbles. 

love this top so soft and comfy I got a size 6 and its huge! this was £6

 new sport hoodie for colder rides and trowing on in the house has the wee slits for  you thumbs this was £10
two pairs of legging for under my biking shorts 

same style and price of stripey one if they had more I would have bough them all 

I love in my pair simpler to these there wasn't much choice but these are ok 

two perfumes to try for another blog post 

make up sponge and brush as I can never have two many and want to compare to my high end ones.
rose gold tweezers and sponges 

why would i get these?

I tried bare minierals for the fist time this trip so nipped to boots to grab the starter kit. 
good staple for my make up kit 

very cute little set. I will do a full review soon. 

i have had the worst brake out of my whole life when i was away so ran in to boots to grab a spot cream. I love this love heart hand wash sooo delish 

what have you bought lately?
Missljbeauty xo 

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