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My top tips for driving

Hi Everyone,

How are you all?

You may or may not know but I have been driving for a good few years now and when I was in the police, I completed the police driving course. I was fully trained to drive with blue light and sirens. So after lots of studying I think I know a wee bit about driving so here are some top tips for my exercise.

Here are my top driving tips.  

1.   Always get your car checked regularly. From the tyre depth to the oil. This can all lead to major problems if not caught early.

2.   Road handing. I want you to think about your tyres. Now your tires are your grip on the road keeping you firmly in place. Each tire is only the width of a CD case! That is what is holding you on the road.

3.   One of the best things I learnt on the driving course is to brake in to a corner and accelerate out. This gives you the best control of the car on the road.

4.   Harsh braking is for emergence's only!

5.   Drive to what you can see. Yes you drive that road every day of your life, you haven’t had a problem yet but what if after that bend there is a broken down car? or worse a pedestrian crossing unexpectedly?

6.   Never take a risky over take. Why would you risk your and other people’s lives for the sake of 10 seconds progression on the road?

7.   Never brake harshly on a wet road this will cause a skid at the lease and a crash at worst.

8.   If you get in to a skid try to remember to steer in the direction of the skid never against it.

9.   NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE. This go’s for drugs too!!!

10.   Seat belts save life’s. I have seen this many times where people wouldn’t be with us without this lifesaving safety item.

11.  Unsafe speeds are for track day and trained emergency service personnel not for being a idiot and trying to work on time. Your boss would rather you lived to get to work than made it on time.

12.  If weather conditions are bad and you don’t feel confident and comfortable then don’t drive. Use a train or bus or have a snow day? Never feel pressured in to driving.

13.  Driving in snow is tricky and smaller cars handle better unless you have a land rover or snow tyres.

14.  New and learning drivers. Give them space you had to learn to and I bet you didn’t jump in to the learner car and be a competent driver. Be courteous.

15.  Be courteous. What goes around comes round. Let a car out if you can.  The unofficial rule at a round a bout of junction is let one car in if everyone does this then we will all get there quicker. If you are causing a que of traffic pull over and let the cars passed. Did you know this is an offence if you don’t?

16. NEVER text or call and drive. Come on people pull over if you are texting how can you be concentrating on the road??

Well I hope this has helped you and you found some tips you didn’t know. If you would like more posts like this let me know. 

MissLJBeauty xo

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