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Christmas Home security

It's that time of year when it should be all Christmas cheer and happiness. As you know I was a Police Officer and I have to tell you that this time of year house breaking ( Scotland) or burglary (England) increases.

I know you don't like to believe that people would be so cruel but I have had the misfortune of being at a family's house on Christmas Eve and all the presents have been stolen. Yes, even the Santa gifts for the very small children. which were well hidden. All Gone.

It's easy to forget home security especially when there are hundreds of things to do and get. I can not stress enough that protecting your family is paramount. A good home security alarm can make all the difference. I recommend you read more about these and decide if they could be a good option for your home. This type of crime can be a relatively low impact. In that, no one gets physically hurt but sometimes this is not always the case. So why gamble with your family's safety? No one likes to think of people in their home, Going through their belongings can cause severe stress and anxiety problems not only at the time but can also cause long-term problems to your mental health.

So what to do? why not Secure your home for less. I found this site when looking for a new home safe. Yes, I have a home safe. No, I am not a millionaire and don't have gold bars. I think every home should have one. It's a safe place for keeping all your important items like your engagement ring. I can't wear mine all the time. I like to know it's all safe and sound in my safe. My husband joked I would put some of my high-end make-up in there if I could.

When was the last time you checked all your windows and door locks? How many times have you said, "I can't find that window key?" Get over there and order new keys. So simple and you back to feeling safe in your own home. Dont forget to look for a new home security alarm I recommend you read about these and decide if they are a good option for your home.

The site has a whole load of security items. My favourite is a padlock which opens via Bluetooth. My hubby would have this for our bike shed. I think I will have to get one as a stocking filler for him.

How safe is your home?