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Guilt free Christmas with Results with Lucy?

I had a tiny freak out the other day and released it NOVEMBER! where has the year gone? Did I blink and miss the summer. As you all know this year has been a bit of a fitness mess for me. After a few injuries including the ACL tear. I am determined to end the year on a fitness high! 

Enter my go to a fitness program. Results with Lucy Check out my results before my honeymoon below. This will explain why I love results with Lucy. Let me know if you fancy me doing more YouTube whilst I'm on this program. 

You know I am not one to stick with conventional methods and I love the new campaign guilt-free Christmas but instead of doing the amazing on-demand programs. I am going to give myself the ultimate challenge of Phase 3 HIIT harder.

 Guilt free Christmas gives you all of Christmas and new year off to eat and drink as you want! Finally a sensible approach to Christmas. No matter if you are a fitness freak or a couch potato we all over indulge at Christmas.  

I loved wobble to model, which in the major result with Lucy revamp is now phase 2. (I am going to be as sensible as possible and if I need to go back down to wobble to model the lovelies over at results with Lucy have said that will be no issue given my injuries.) why aren't all company this customer focused. 

I love this image of Lucy! So what is HIIT harder well its all we know and love from RWL, 
its 4 hard core fitness sessions a week and full nutritional support too. I love being part of RWL as I always feel supported and part of a team which helps me get my mojo back. Not to worry I'm away to do my first session and I'll update you how I get on. 
Before which I will be doing a photo session so I can show you my body changing for the better!

Fancy joining with me ? 

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MissLJBeauty xox 

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