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How to survive in a remote region

If you have been following me for a while you will know. I live in the Highland of Scotland. 
Where I live, there is one road out and one road in unless you have a boat or helicopter. 

So, as snow hits the UK today. I begin to think about winter. Last winter we were without electricity for 5 Days. Yes, no Phone, Internet, Heating, TV you name it we didn't have it! 
Living rural is a blessing and a curse. I have grown up in the Highland and If I'm honest I did know that living with the electricity going off in the winter isn't normal! 

I have been asked every strange question about rural living. Like do you have flushing toilets? But surely you have a waitrose?  How do you survive up there?

I was reading a campaign that Flogas Ran called #IWouldMiss here is my favourite facts and figures. 

Flogas spoke to 910 Brits and found out
  •  that 80% have considered joining me in the rural living ideal.
  •  Running water was voted the most needed necessity followed by Gas and electricity. I must admit I miss my gas. I loved having gas when I lived in a city. It’s just better but that's my opinion. Cooking with gas is so much quicker. 
  • 77% of people are confident that they would be able to change a gas canister. Which I find quite surprising as It is a lot harder than you would think speaking from experience. does anyone remember old fashion heaters with the big canisters in. We relied on them in the winter. 
  • Almost half of the participants would miss their smartphone within a week. I believe this is people not being totally honest. Most people I know are glued to their phone and up here we can go weeks without signal! and I must say it is harder than you can imagine especially for a blogger like me. There are only two networks that work in my village and they don't work very well. 
Here some much need advice to you all if you still fancy coming to join me. 

Perpetration is key and you must give up some luxury's I'm afraid.
You always must have staples in the cupboards like dried pasta, sauces, tinned veg and some UHT milk for tea. So, you can whip up a meal on a comping stove.
We have a coal fire and this is what heats the living room when we have power cut.
Candles and touches are also a must for light.
Not forget entertainment books, board games and if you are lucky enough power on your laptop to watch a film or two. 

Now not only in winter but we must really work hard at weekly shopping. our nearest supermarket is small and about 1 hours’ drive away!
All other shopping like Clothes, Shoes, Sports goods, Dog food, Home items (from sofas to toilet roll) all come from online shopping and can take a long time to get here. So, if you have a big event you need a few weeks to sort an outfit or a 4.5-hour drive to Glasgow! I forgot to mention I bought my car online. Yip car shopping is very hard up here!

Are you sure you are ready to give up a trip to M&S food for a quick meal? Or your gym membership to either walking in the hills or buying home gym equipment? 
What about after-work drinks? How about working from home with yourself for the company.