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Monthly favorites

Hi Everyone, 

How are you all? 

Its a new month and I need to share some monthly favorites with you.
I have been so bad lately, OK this year with sharing what I'm loving but I promise to sort my life out and get this more regular. 

My first favorite is a concealer. I always have issues with concealer as it never settles under my eye well and if it does it takes a lot of work to get it to stay. Enter dry eye concealer £11.95. I normally buy very expensive concealers and they cost me a at least double the price of this one. 

Shh, I fake tan. I know shock and this causes me to get some dryness under my eyes and lets be honest summer also leads my skin to get dehydrated too. This concealer contains Cardiospermum this is a natural vine extract which is proven to help itching and inflammation in the skin. The concealer has been formulated to feed dry skin with Biolin which is a skin probiotic this helps the flora of our skin to repair and seal in moisture. 

The applicator is nice it has a click to release the product and a lovely brush. . I love the packaging it looks high end and luxe without the price tag to follow. The photo above does not do justice to 
how it look in real life. I love that illuminating finish. This last all day! It has a very hydrating felling and it doesn't go cakey in the slightest. Love this product!

Next Up is hair care! My hair is driving me nuts at the moment! Its so fine and it always takes a hit in autumn. It feels like all the moisture has been sucked out of it! GRRR I have been using Grow Gorgeous strengthening oil £25 and Grow Gorgeous hair growth serum £29.99. To help with my hair repair. 

I use the strengthening oil daily through the mind lengths and ends. I use a couple or drops warm it in my hand and smooth it through. It leaves my hair nice and soft and not weighted down. I feel this has helped my hair get a bit thicker it is early days with this product but I love it. It so much better than other oils I have used. The smell is nice its nutty with a zesty mix. 

The hair growth serum I use this a bit differently as I have fine hair . What i do is use it every second day before I wash my hair. I pop about 25-30 drops in my hair massaging it in to my scalp and leave it on as long as I can. Mostly I do a workout them shower. I have found my hair is growing so fast. I had my roots done about a week again and I can all ready see lots of roots which never normally happens and the only thing I am doing different is these two oils!!! doing it this way makes sure my hair is left non greasy and so soft and bouncy. 

KAT VON DEE where has she been all my make up life! I am obsessed with this lipstick its on sale at debenhams £14.40. This is the BEST. (I know big claim!) I have never had such a long lasting non drying lipstick in my whole life. The pigment in insane. I got this as a sample in a beauty box and I wouldn't hesitate to buy a full size one or two or all of them! Plus that packaging look how cool and dynamic it is !!!

 Kat Von Dee again her tattoo eye liner debenhams £14.40 in the sale. This is heaven in a eyeliner! Perfect fine line and so workable!Did I mention it is soooooooo pigmented and it will stay on for ever or until you get a really good make up remover! I wish she did eyeliner pots as a make up artist I don't like using pen liners on my clients just for hygienic reason and I would buy these in bulk if I could! Any chance KAT ?

 I bought this from her website I cant remember nor find the email receipt sorry. 
I love these insane quality. Long lasting and the colours are awesome. I would say these are super drying and I need to use a good lip moisturizer after but worth it!

Whats your Monthly faves?