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5 Neat Natural Ways To De-Stress

Say Farewell To Anxiety: 5 Neat Natural Ways To De-Stress

According to Newsweek, stress, depression, and anxiety is at an all-time high in America. It begins in grade school. Children are given more school work to learn than in years past. They are also involved in sports, pageants, clubs, and have a full social life. Parents work full time and rush to get their children to all of these activities. Between career, family, and community, there is never enough time for rest and recovery.

We have composed a few natural ways you can de-stress your life. By following these tips and eating well, you can bring your body back to the beautiful balance it was created to be.

  • Practice breathing. We know you are rolling your eyes and thinking, “really”? But hear us out. Every part of your brain and other vital organs require adequate oxygen and circulation to function properly. When we are stressed, our bodies go into a “fight or flight” mode. Our breath gets shallow and we breathe very fast. We are on high alert. By forcing ourselves to breathe properly, we force our bodies to relax.
    • Place your hand on your stomach, Breathe in deeply through the mouth until you feel your hand fill with the air in your stomach. While you are inhaling, count to 8, slowly.
    • Then begin to exhale. Exhale through your nose, until your stomach has gone flat indicating the air is out. This is important. While you exhale, count slowly to 10. As you get better at this you will increase the numbers, but the inhale number must be lower than your exhale number.
  • Take Nootropics. Nootropics are also called smart drugs. However, they actually are all-natural supplements that improve the health of your brain. Corpina is a leader in this industry. Nootropics improve focus, concentration, memory, and mood. They remove toxins that attack the brain and lower inflammation. They improve the circulation to the brain and regulate Dopamine, which is the natural feel-good chemical our brains make. There are several nootropics. Some improve sleep and relaxation. Some relieve depression. Nootropics are all natural ways that eliminate the need for harsh prescription drugs. Adderall and Ritalin are no longer needed, as there are natural alternatives that are healthy and effective. The need for anxiety medications like Xanax and Valium are no longer required for stress.
  • Get a massage. A massage is a great tool for relaxation. It is so powerful, that some companies hire experts to come to the office and massage the neck and shoulders of their employees. Invest in a massage at least twice a month. If you cannot afford it, check out some techniques in library books and practice make it a date night for you and your partner to treat each other.
  • More self-love. We must take the time to reward ourselves. Give yourself an atta-girl every now and then. Share this habit with your family. Once a week, have movie night, game night, or taco night. Order some special candy from an online candy store. They can ship these goodies directly to you, and you can pull the yummy candy out for your special night. A little treat does wonders to de-stress and help you appreciate yourself.
  • Disconnect. Your newly found focus will need exercise and practice. Like anything else, we must use it in order to grow it. Step one is to disconnect everything for a little while each day. Start with 30 minutes, slowly increase it to an hour or so per day. During this time your cell phone. Computer, tablet, and any other distracting devices are to be disconnected. Over time you will get used to this and even crave your highly focused time.

guest post by the wonderful Wendy Dessler


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