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My 10 guilty pleasures

Hi Everyone, 

How are you today? 

The sun is shining and nearly all of us are working indoors. Just dreaming of being outside living the Instagram life.

I want to talk to you all about my secret guilty pleasures. I might even share a few of theses with you. 

1.I watch way to much TV, From scandal to Hollyoaks. I have the Tv on in the house as soon as I come in to when I go to bed to watch big band theory. Yip I know this is far to much and I need to stop this but I just love to watch shows. 

2. I love online bingo for the best bingo sites (click the link), This is the best comparison site for the best bingo deals. 
I have to say I haven't been very lucky yet but the way I see it as long as you are responsible and play sensible its like buying a dream. I dream of what I would do with my win. Which go's from the little things like that new top I want to a new bike for the hubby.  

3. Shopping. I will spend hours on site from Zara to chain reaction cycles filling my basket then never ever checking out! What is wrong with me. Tell this is normal? 

4. Taking mini toiletries from nice hotels. I have a bag full of these little sample items. I mean what am I going to do with them ? 

5. Watching to much YouTube. I can get lost in YouTube for hours and I do mean hours. From funny dog videos to my favorite vloggers I spend to much time on there. 

6. Pajamas I wear them in the house all the time. Yip I do and I'm not sorry! As soon as I come in the door my clothes come off and comfy clothes go on.  The poor postie!

7. Fluffy socks . I love socks. I wear them all the time the fluffier the better in my opinion. 

8. Britney. I love a good Britney singalong. I have been a Britney closet fan since she hit the scene. That girl can do no wrong in my eyes, 

9. I like eating chocolate in the middle of the night. Only some times but I can wake up and want chocolate so bad that I give in and will go down stairs and eat it. Sorry not sorry 

10. Ok so I have already admitted the tv usage so I might as well come completely clean. I love love 
the crime channels. I love them too much. My husband says I would make the perfect murder as I was a cop and now I want all these programs like unsolved crimes and most shocking crimes. 

Whats your Guilty pleasures?