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What Your Fashion Choices Say About You

There are many ways in which we show the world how we feel about ourselves and how we see ourselves. But I’d say nothing does this better than the clothes we put on each day. That doesn’t mean that there is one type of clothing that people wear all the time that is matched to their personality. But there are certain colours, shapes and patterns that certain people are more drawn towards.

Often, it’s the case that we wear different kinds of things depending on how we are feeling on any given day. If you really want to understand what different types of clothing say about you and how you view yourself, you should read on. You will find plenty of useful information that you can put to good use below, so start reading it and taking it all in right now.

Warm Colours Suggest a Warmer Personality

When you wear warm colours, this suggests that your personality is going to be warm as well. Colour temperature is one of the most important things to keep in mind when you are planning your outfits. If you wear cold clothes, then you will look a little colder and icy. This might not be such a bad thing in some situations, but do keep in mind the kind of impression you want to give to the world and the people you meet. If you see yourself as having a generally warm and bubbly kind of personality, choose, reds and oranges.

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Conservative Choices Show Shyness and a Little More Timidity

There are some clothes choices that are certainly more on the conservative side. There is not necessarily anything wrong with that, but you should be aware that you are giving off certain signals to people. It can seem like when you dress in a hyper-conservative kind of way that you are hiding yourself behind your outfit. And this can say to the world that you are a little more shy and timid. If that’s at odds with how you see yourself, you should reconsider your outfits. But only do that if you feel comfortable with it.

Being Bold Shows the World That You're Not Afraid to Go Your Own Way

A bold and standout kind of look says a lot about a person’s personality. You know that when you see someone wearing clothes and outfits that are out of the ordinary, the person wearing them is probably a little unconventional as well. That’s not a bad thing; after all, we’re all different and we’re all unique. So, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to show the world that you are not afraid to go your own way and beat your own path. It shows an independent and lively kind of spirit.

Polka Dots Are for People with Energy

This has always been true. There is something about polka dots that create an energetic kind of feel. It’s a pattern that’s not as common as some of the others, such as block colours, floral patterns or striped designs. And when you see someone wearing polka dots, they appear more energetic and bold. This can be a good kind of appearance to show off, so definitely don’t rule out the use of polka dots. They can look good in a whole variety of ways too. You can find everything from shirts to dresses that have polka dot designs.

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Showing Off Designer Labels Can be Perceived in Different Ways by Different People

When you wear clothes that are clearly designer, and the designer labels are clear to everyone, you can get a mixed reception. It all depends on the kind of people you are mixing with. Some people will see it as being a little elitist and show-offy. Even if that’s not your intention, this is the way people could react to your clothing. On the other hand, some people will be impressed by your designer clothing. It’s important to understand that showing off your wealth and spending habits gets a mixed reception, though.

A Comprehensive Range of Accessories Shows Attention to the Details

People who use accessories tend to be the kind of people who pay most attention to the small details and finer points of their clothing choices. It’s something that is true across the board. People who don’t care about creating a refined and complete outfit probably won’t pay any real attention at all to the accessories they use. You can find lots of cool accessories at this website, and many other websites out there too. It’s not that they’re hard to find or particular expense; it’s just that some people pay attention to these things and others don’t. And that message is delivered by your outfit.

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Floral Patterns Suggest Softness and Femininity

Floral patterns are very common, and they’ve been very common for a long time now. You just need to make sure that you understand the softness and femininity that they display. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to you, though. Everyone knows that there are feminine connotations attached to these kinds of clothing items. Softness can be a good thing, but it’s not necessary something that is suitable in every given situation, so be careful how you use it. It’s best to make sure that the time and setting is definitely right.

Horizontal Striped Clothing Tends to be Work by Women with Confidence

Confidence is something that many women want to display when they are choosing which outfits to wear. There is nothing wrong with that. One type of clothing that says confidence like no other is horizontal striped clothing. It shows that you are open and honest too. All patterns display things that have an impact on people’s subconscious reaction to the people they see. And horizontal lines are also seen as being rather unforgiving around the waist. So, by not hiding these areas, you show you have confidence and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Show Your Wild Side with Animal Prints

As you’d expect, animal prints say a lot about your wild side. If you want to break free and ditch conformity, making use of animal prints can really help you do that. We instinctively associate these kinds of prints and patterns with a bit of danger and risk. When you are feeling like showing the world your wild side, there is no better alternative out there. Of course, these are not clothing options that are going to work well for every given situation. You will need to using them sparingly if you want the impact to be the right one.blonde woman holding potted plant

Formality is Highlighted by Vertical Stripes

Sometimes, you just want to show your formal and more serious side. And sometimes, you simply have to dress a little more formally for a particular situation, whether you like it or not. If you're looking for a formal clothing option without going for a full pantsuit option, you should think about using vertical stripes. These are strongly associated with formality. And you can take them a step further by using pinstripes. These are small thin stripes that are very commonly worn by business women that are looking for a professional but stylish solution. It’s definitely not an option that you should rule out.

These are the key things that your fashion choices can say about you. So, make sure that you keep all of these things in mind as you grow your own style and unique approach to fashion. You will certainly want to project the right kind of image of yourself.