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Me injury and MRI

Hi everyone, 

So I haven't told you all but I have been injured for quite some weeks now. 
I have been back and forth to the doctor and now waiting for an MRI. 

About 8 weeks ago. I went to put coal on the fire and something just went in my back. 
At first, I just thought I must have pulled a muscle in my lower back beside my spine and did the normal muscle recovery. ice and rest for the first few days followed by heat and recovery exercises. 

Unfortunately, this just didn't stop the pain and I could feel the pain becoming worse. This stopped me in my tracks walking was difficult and bending was a complete no go and the muscle spasms were extreme. I haven't had a full night sleep since this happened. I have cried many tears over all this. 

I went to the doctor and we tried lots of painkillers starting with co-codamol high dose and tizanidine. this helped for the first few days and then the pain increased again. It's looking like a slipped disc in my lower spine. I had my blood taken at this appointment. Which came back clear. 

The doctor prescribed tramadol, This took a couple days to hit me. I have never been so ill in my life. I had the worst headache I have ever experienced and I had nausea, shakes, dizziness to name a few symptoms.  I honestly thought my head was going to explode I even asked my husband if I was going to die.

Back to the doctor who is concerned why it's not healing, He has referred me for an MRI and changed my pain medication to Nefopam and tizanidine which I can take with paracetamol and ibuprofen. 

I am finally starting to improve and not feel the pain all the time. I was told by the doctor that nefopam can do this and that is why we have moved to this as the other painkiller reacted badly with me,

I am not one of those bloggers who is afraid to tell the true. I do not have an Instagram perfect life. 
Let talk the truth. I have ups and downs in life and right now I am having a really hard time. 

I have not been exercising for quite some time. This really affects me and my mood. I am low and I feel down a lot. I have a brand new Nukeproof comp mountain bike I can not ride sat here just looking at me. I was going to book my personal training qualification this summer but that is on hold. I feel completely left behind by my friends. I am really struggling to come to terms with not being active. I have gained weight and am self crittical at all times.

Plus as you know I am a sports masseuse so that is not happening at the moment. Which is costing me a fortune and letting my clients down. I feel betrayed by my own body. The sun is shining and what am I doing? Sat inside writing this.  

I am sure soon I will be able to pick myself up and do more but right now I am trapped in no man's land just waiting for my body to heal feeling helpless and alone. 


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