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Fully Dressed Without An Accessory?

When you’ve been working (and working out) all week, there’s nothing sweeter than getting to Friday or Saturday night, so you can go out and let your hair down. Whether you’re having dinner with friends, or are off to dance the night away; choosing what you’re going to wear and getting ready is all part of the fun. But, remember not to rush out of the door without your finishing touches, and plan your accessories before you leave (they’ll help you look and feel great).

Focus On Your Feet

Your feet might be tired after a hectic week in the office, or running around after the kids; so why not make them feel beautiful when you’re off on a night out. The shoes you decide to wear can pull together your whole outfit, and could infuse a pop of color and pattern into your final look.

Shoes are a chance for you to be playful and show off your fun Friday-side, and don’t worry; they don’t have to be six-inch stilettos (unless you want them to be of course). There are so many gorgeous flats and mid-heel height shoes available, all of which are fashion-forward, and will complete your outfit beautifully. Try and invest in a few pairs that you know will cover all bases when it comes to what clothes you’re wearing and how important your comfort levels are for the evening ahead.


Adorn Your Figure

When you’ve got your clothes and shoes on, you can’t leave out your neck, wrists, ears, and fingers! They deserve to feel just as beautiful; even if it’s not all at the same time. Whether it’s fine jewelry or costume, the shiny and sparkly touches you add at the end of getting ready can make all the difference. Before you (or a loved-one) invest in any fine jewelry, try and figure out what shade and finish are best for your skin tone, and, more importantly, which you like the most. Maybe a cool silver or platinum make your eyes light up, or you prefer the warmth of a gold vermeil finish to your necklaces and rings; either way, it’ll be fun when you go to try on a few things, to see what suits you the best.

Statement and costume bangles, neck pieces, and rings are an excellent way to introduce the very latest in fashion trends to your wardrobe, as they won’t cost a fortune, and you can layer them up to reflect your personal style. Have fun mixing and matching different pieces in the mirror to see what works and what doesn’t. Then pop them on and walk out your door with confidence.

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Wrap Up Your Belongings

Now, you’re fully dressed and accessorized from head to toe; however, you can’t forget your purse, makeup, keys, and phone! You need the right bag, that will carry all your precious essentials, and complement your outfit of choice. Much like all the accessories discussed previously, your handbag is a great way to add some playful fun, bright color, and on-trend pattern to your attire. Maybe you want more bling, so you choose an embellished clutch style, or perhaps you want a classic leather bag, but in a bright hue; the possibilities are endless. For some fun evening bag options, take a look here.

Whatever you decide to accessorize with; have fun in finding stuff, and take advantage of a great excuse to go shopping!


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