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Lose fat permanently in your lunch hour?

I am always looking for ways to shift the fat. If you have been following me for a while you may know. But if not, I lost 7 and a half stone when I was younger. I found this a difficult but worthwhile thing to do. I feel better being smaller. This was one of the hardest things I have done in my life. 

I, like everyone, still carry a bit of extra weight. I am healthy and I do a lot of working out. from the Gym, mountain biking and Zwift. I do my share of fitness. I am still left with pockets of fat. I carry this on my stomach and hips. 

Today I want to talk about an exciting treatment, I am considering getting coolsculpting. I have done my research and I want to share my findings with you. If like me you are planning the treatment. I have chosen Pulse light clinic In London, for my treatment they are the best in this market and they have amazing customer care. 

I personally want the treatment to not lose weight as such, but to become more defined. I want to get rid of my small pockets of fat. Did I mention That CoolSculpting is a permanent solution to stubborn fat? Happy dance. 

Before the treatment, you need to attend a free consultation with the in house doctor and nurse. This is to access if you are suitable for the treatment. This treatment is for people who are about a stone off there ideal weight. This treatment is not suitable for everyone. This will be discussed before your appointment. But you can not be pregnant or breastfeeding or have had recent surgery. If you are in any doubt contact the clinic. 

What is the treatment?
It is, in essence, a fat freezing treatment. CoolSculpting uses the best fat freezing technology on the market. In fact, it is FDA approved. Fat freezing is a very effective way to get rid of fat cells. The best part is a nonsurgical treatment. Meaning no needles or surgery. If like me you're a needle-phobic you will be thankful. It also does not harm any tissue or skin. With this treatment, there is no downtime at all.  You can actually do this on your lunch break. Yes, no Joke. 

How the treatment works. -I will let Pulse light clinic explain
The CoolSculpting hand-piece is placed over the area of the unwanted fat area to be treated and left for 35 minutes. During this time, you can rest, read, check your emails or even nap! While you relax the fat is being frozen, causing the fat cells to die and the body’s natural processes then flush out these dead cells, removing them from the area and eventually the entire body.

The side effects. 
There are a few listed. Of course, this is an individual thing. Some people will have more some will have less. But I thought I would mention them. The typical ones are Redness, swelling, blanching, bruising, firmness, tingling, cramping, aching, itching, skin sensitivity and numbness.

Being a mountain biker I am used to being bruised. So I am not worried about these. 

The results -I know that's what you are here for. 
After you CoolSculpting | Fat Freezing procedure, the body naturally disposes of the unwanted dead fat cells. This takes time as your body is busy processing and breaking down the fat cells through a procedure called Apoptosis - through which enzymes break down the cells into smaller pieces to allow for your white blood cells (macrophages) to remove them from your body permanently and this is why your body needs the time to adjust and reline the fat cells and contour your shape.
An average of about 25% fat reduction is seen per treatment, and more than one treatment is recommended to see optimum results.The final results are fully visible within 6-12 weeks, as the body uses this time to flush away the dead fat cells.These results are permanent as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle.
If like me you are planning this treatment, you need to check out Pulse Light Clinic. They are the leader in this field. They have specialised in laser and light technology for almost a decade. They are the only city of London clinic to offer dual sculpting. This can target two areas at the same time. This, in turn, makes treatment times shorter. Giving you more time for you. Not only this but they are professional and always on top of the best and newest treatments in their field. Why go anywhere else. They offer a range of other treatments too from laser tattoo removal to hair removal this is the place to go.