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Tips To Help With A Panic Attack

A panic attack can be so severe that it often feels like you’re dying and so to get them on a regular basis is challenging. Panic attacks can affect anyone, and no one is immune to experiencing a panic attack, which can often be triggered by severe stress or a traumatic event that happened previously in your life.
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Use Breathing Techniques
Breathing sounds like a pretty basic thing to suggest to someone going through a panic attack, but at that moment, the last thing that person is thinking about is breathing properly. By learning breathing techniques that you can do in that moment of panic, it can hopefully work as a way of bringing your breathing back from short and breathless to more of a slower and fuller breath. It’s a good idea to do some research into different breathing techniques as there’s plenty to pick from including qigong breathing.

Recognize That You’re Having A Panic Attack
What a lot of people tend to do when they have a panic attack is to get more worked up over the fact that they can’t control it and that they’re fearful of how it feels. It is very hard to stop yourself from having a panic attack, but it’s not impossible. The first thing is to recognize that you’re having a panic attack. When you become aware of this, it’s the first step in being able to move forward and to take control of the situation your body has put you under. So don’t let your mind run away from your body, face this fear head-on.

Close Your Eyes Or Take Yourself Away From The Area
Some panic attacks can come from certain triggers such as work or seeing a certain place or person that has an emotional connection. When you’re feeling all these stimuli, and a panic attack is growing, close your eyes or remove yourself from that situation. You want to get as far away from that place or person as possible and either physically removing yourself or closing your eyes is the best way to do just that.

A thing that could help even more is to picture yourself in a place that makes you happy. Block out the noise and have that clear image that you can repeat over and over in your head until you recognize that your body has calmed down and is in a safe state to come back to.

Relax The Muscles
In a panic attack, your muscles will be tight, and your body is in an uncomfortable state. So just like breathing, muscle techniques can help relax you, and this goes hand in hand with your breathing. Control your body’s response by focusing on one muscle at a time and move all the way up the body. Practice these beforehand before trying them whilst having a panic attack.

Panic attacks aren’t dangerous, but they can feel scary, so practice these tips to help yourself. Work on removing those triggers that cause panic attacks if you can.