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Why Bali should be your next trip

This is the time of year I get the travel bug. I am not saying I'm about to jump on a plane but it is now that I start planning our next adventure. I love to travel and I like to see a few countries a year. I think it is so important to see the world and experience new cultures and learn their history. I am a self-confessed history nerd and love to learn. I love to immerse myself in new cultures. There are so many amazing places to visit in this world, that I want to check off as many as I possibly can. 

I have been blessed and checked off lots of amazing countries from my list, America, Cuda, Dominican Republic, Germany France and Andorra to name a few. But I believe you should widen your horizons as much as you possibly can. Travel to me is food for the soul as corny as that sounds. As soon as I complete one bucket list adventure I want to organise another one. 

Today we are looking at my bucket list trip to Bali

We will, of course, be flying to Bali. We will be looking to rent a villa. I think this will give us the most freedom. I have to recommend Bali Villa Finder, they have an extensive range of villas. One suit every budget and group size. They not only have the best and most luxurious villas on their books but they specialise in customer service. From your first contact with Bali Villa Finder, they are there to help you find a villa that will be perfect for you and your family. They have a fantastic concierge team who can do everything you need and more. From organising and booking amazing life-changing excursions to telling you where to shop they are your go-to travel agent when booking a trip to Bali.  Best of all they really have us the customer in mind and will go above and beyond to make sure your trip is the experience of your life. 

Now that the flight and accommodation are sorted, it is time to tell you the reasons why I want to travel to Bali. Of course, I want to hit the beaches and snorkelling is world-renowned in Bali. I want to see temples and eat Balinese food. I want to bask in the sun and atmosphere in this magnificent country. That is a given but here are the extra things I want to not miss. When I travel to this magical country. 

Padang Padang Beach
This could be one of the most famous beaches in the world. This was once a local hidden treasure. It has found fame thanks to being featured in the Eat prey love film. This is everything you could want from a beach in Bali. It has the surf, the beautiful rocky cove and the crystal clear water. Spend the day here in paradise. You might not want to leave. 
Ubud Royal Palace. 
What a place to start our cultural journey. This is the stunning Ubud area. Which was once the Royal Town. it is littered with stunning buildings and structure. A day here and you will still be left in wonder. This was once the home to all the royal events from Dances to literature. It is still a home of literature importance with the annual Ubud writers and reader festival held here annually. 

Ubud monkey forest. 
This is the place to go to see the famous Bali monkeys. The Ubud monkey forest is nestled in the village of Padangtegal. This is regarded as not only a conservation centre but a home to spiritual, economic's and education. There is a lot more to this area than just monkeys it is a hive of nature and awe-inspiring beauty. 
This is the go-to area for shopping addicts. You have everything you are looking for and more. From high-end designer to traditional Bali stores. This has everything you would expect from a beach resort with trendy bars and beaches. If you are looking for a bit of nightlife then Seminyak is the place to be with many bars and restaurants staying open to the early hours.
Tegalalang rice terraces
One of the most famous sights in Bali. The lush and beautiful Rice terraces. This is a traditional Balinese rice paddies. The fields are planted out in an irrigation system Subak. This is what gives them unusual patterns. making them so stunning to look at and walk around. 

You get a guided tour of these famous rice Paddies. This protecting them from hundreds of tourist walking thought them every day so wearing comfy shoes is a must.  It is advised to avoid visiting during the warmest part of the day as it can be a bit hot out in the open. This is an unquiet opportunity to see how this amazing farm really works. It will be eye-opening. 

Mount Batur
This is a two-hour hike up a mountain to one of the best viewing spots in the whole of the country. This will immerse you in the stunning Bali countryside. Looking on to Mount Abang and the Batur lake. This is the real countryside away from the crowds. The Bali of your dreams. Take a moment and breath in the stunning scenery. 

Of course, there are a lot more amazing things to see and do in Bali. This is just my plan for our first trip. I couldn't be more excited to see this wonderful oasis of an island. I will keep you all updated with my Bali planning adventure and If you have any recommendations give me a shout.