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The best thing to happen to snorkelling

Hi everyone, 

How are you all? 

It's a rainy Sunday here and It's time to tell you about something super exciting which arrived in the mail the other day. if you have been following me for a while you will gather I am quite an outdoorsy person. I have loved the water since I was very small. I love the sea and the ocean. I have been snorkelling since my first holiday abroad when I was seven. 
pink and green all in one snorkel mask
I have always struggled thought with snorkels in the past. I have asthma and I find the breathing tube a bit uncomfortable.  Enter the revolution of full-face snorkels. You all know I love and when they offered me the chance to try a full face snorkel I jumped at the chance. They were nice enough to send the hubby his own set. So he doesn't try to steal mine. Yes, Hubby, they know what you're like. 
all in one snorkelling mask with integrated breathing tube
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Let's get into the nitty-gritty. The full face snorkel masks are by the brand Seac sub, The product is the Unica full face snorkel £49.90 each. I have a very small face and head. It's very annoying. I have to find really small helmets when I go mountain biking so bear this in mind. I opted for the small/medium and this fits me like a glove. There is adjustable elastic at the back to hold the mask in place. My husband has the large/ex-large and this fits him great too. Again this is the same with any helmets he has bought he normally gets large. So the sizing guide is spot on. 

snorkel mask in bag inside of snorkel mask

The biggest differences between these and normal snorkelling are you can breathe as normal and you get a far better range of vision. This is the perfect mask if like me you have asthma. I feel so comfortable swimming with this one. The mask is completely waterproof and no more water up your nose. Just me? But that is awful.  It takes a wee bit to get used to but once you have it on for a while you forget it there. It has been designed to not steam up and I have to say this is amazing. Is there anything worse than streamed up google and having to constantly resurface to try and clear them.  This is by the best invention in the snorkelling market there has ever been. 

The breathing tube detaches and it comes with a storage bag to keep it all tidy. I can not recommend this an enough for any of you who love to snorkel like I do. I will defo be taking this on my next trip abroad and in the sea here once we get a bit of sun. 


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