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Music Can Be Uplifting in Life

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It’s extremely rare that you find someone who just isn’t interested in music. The majority of us have our favourite songs, our favourite albums, our favourite artists, and our favourite bands.

Everyone is different - for example, you might enjoy attending a Banda MS concert or heavy metal concert, whereas someone else you know might prefer a jazz event. Having different taste when it comes to music is totally normal, although there are some who genuinely have a love of all music regardless of genre.

Music can provide our lives with a soundtrack. It can give us something to connect to and relate to. It can supply us with background noise. Its potential is seemingly endless. But one positive way that music can benefit us is its uplifting nature. Sure, there are plenty of songs out there that may make us feel sad. We might connect them with negative memories or experiences, or they may remind us of someone we have lost. But there are also plenty of upbeat tunes that can make our day! Here are just a few ways that music can make your day that little better!

Various studies have found that listening to music while exercising can boost your energy levels. It can give you the motivation to keep going when you are feeling tired or want to give up. So, make a playlist for the gym and remember to take your headphones or earphones along. You’ll get a whole lot more from your workout if you do so!

Positive Memories
Sure, as we have previously mentioned, we may associate certain songs with negative experiences. But things work the opposite way around too. Many songs can bring positive memories flooding back, bringing a smile to our face. If you adore Christmas, songs at could bring a smile rushing forth to your face. If you associate a certain song with your wedding day or the birth of a child, it can bring a happy tear to your eye. If you’re ever feeling down, put these songs on and instantly uplift your mood.

Improved Sleep
Struggling to sleep can be simultaneously upsetting and frustrating. Many of us spend hours tossing and turning, worried about how tired we are going to be in the morning. But put your worries to rest. Certain soundtracks can help to lull you into sleep, much like lullabies can encourage little ones to nod off. Consider soothing nature tapes with running water, whale song, or birdsong.

Reduced Pain
Research carried out by Drexel University (Philadelphia) found that music can have therapeutic purposes, reducing pain in the treatment of patients. Generally speaking, music that falls into the classical genre, meditative genre, or music of the patient's’ own choosing worked most effectively.

Increased Concentration
Sure, some music can be distracting. But many of us find that we are able to concentrate better while listening to music. It can boost memory and information retention, which is why so many students choose to listen to music while they are studying or revising.

Sure, music is generally listened to for the sake of sheer entertainment. But it’s important to bear in mind that it has other factors and can be listened to for your benefit, boosting your mood and improving your day!