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Where to buy the best designer clothes and bags.

Hi everyone, 

How are you all? 

We all love a bit of retail therapy, right? It is just me who does most of her shopping online in bed at night? You may know I have a little love of designer items. I have found an amazing new site. Well new to me and you know when I find something amazing I like to share with you all? 

ODs designer clothing They stock everything from children's clothes, men and woman's fashion to watches and jewellery. They have all the best brands. Think Balmain, Michael Kors, Canada goose. Mallet, to Viviane Westwood. They only stock the best brands. 

I know you love a come shopping with me post, so I thought I'd share what I am buying.
Womens Mallet Diver Pink Velvet Trainers
These are the Woman's Mallet divers pink velvet trainers. £165, I have wanted these trainers for so long. They are stunning and the perfect summer trainer. I love the gold accents. They are handcrafted so I know the quality will be amazing. They come with a protective dust bag and shoe horn. 

black moschino tshirt dress with heart design

I am obsessed with this Moschino heart stamped dress £160. This is the perfect throw on dress for the spring-summer. Which gives a bit of style but is easy and comfortable to wear. I love the heart design. It is Moschino at its classic best. 

Womens Ted Baker Shannah Stripe Maxi Dress

This is the Shannah striped maxi dress by Ted Baker. £229. I know that Ted Baker dresses fit me really well. So I have high hopes for this one. I love the cut. It is super flattering for someone like me with an hourglass shape. It cinched in the waist. Which I love. The colours are so vibrant. It is perfect for summer and wedding season. I can see me getting lots of wear out of this dress. 

Womens True Religion Jeggings
True Religion Jeggings £129. These look amazing. I am a bit of a hard customer when it comes to jeans and jeggings.  As an hourglass shape, I have big hips but a small waist. I can not do any high waisted jeans of any description. They just do not sit on me, as My waist is so much smaller than my hips. Which with the current trend is a nightmare? Everything seems to be high waisted and I get that they are flattering on most people but it is a nightmare for me.  These look perfect. 

God help me I have clicked on the bag section. You all know I have a bit of a designer bag obsession. 
black evening bag with silver chain detailing
Oh wow, This is Valentino Divina SA clutch crosse body bag at only £69. I have lots of big cross body bags but nothing this size. I love the silver hard wear. It is stunning. It's so classic. It will stand the test of time. It's just so elegant.  They have this in a range of colours and sizes. You need to go and check it out. 
Womens Valentino Emma Logo Belt
They have the belt, I have wanted for ages. This is the Valentino Emma logo belt £45. It is stunning in gold hard wear. It is the perfect belt to team with a black dress or jeans. This is gorgeous in real life. I tried it on in store but they didn't have my size at the time. I am delighted to have found this belt on here. 

I hope you have enjoyed my picks. Have you checked out OD ODs designer clothing.com I bet you are going to now you have seen my bargains?