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Tyre safety. Have you checked yours?

Hi Everyone, 

How is everyone today? 

well, the weather has turned again, which means its that's the time of year. If you have been following me for a while you will know. I'm an ex-police officer and at this time of year, the importance of road safety is ingrained in my mind. 

We all take our cars for granted and it is so easy to forget to have our cars properly looked after isn't it. 

One of the most under checked areas of a car is the Tyres! We all check our lights, oil and water levels but most people forget about our tyres. How crazy is that these four little pieces of rubber keep us on the road. I could frighten you with how many crashes, I have seen with tyres that are either down to the thread or bulging and even ripped. 

for the sake of getting your tyres checked you could save our self from not only a hefty fine but more importantly from having a crash. No one wants to end up hurt so get your tyres checked by the professionals. 
bulging tyre defective
Checking a Tyre is so easy. 
You can buy a tyre gauge online. I always had one in my pocket on duty. I am now a pro and can check them with my finger. 

The legal limit for tread depth is 1.6mm in a continuous band around the central 75 percent of the tread width and around the whole Tyre.

All tyres have a wear bar on them and this is the simplest way to check when you need to go get your tyres changed. 

It is vital to check for any rips cuts and bulges. Our tyres are what keeps us on the road. If you have any trouble hop over to my friends at Jet Wheel Tyre branch near Basildon for tyres. They will be more than happy to help you find the best and cheap tyres for your car. They will keep you safe on the road. Their site is crammed with helpful information like their tyre safety guide.

They stock all the big names and are so easy to find in Basildon. I love that you can reserve your tyres online on their site. This making the whole process so simple. 

Have you checked your car yet this year?