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10 Must Have home Repair Essential tools

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It indeed is a lot more fun and satisfying to take care of home maintenance and do those minor repairs on your own. After all, it sure is annoying to keep waiting for tradesmen and get the job done. Moreover, you end up paying a lot for that regular maintenance and repairs in the home. Why not get some of those essential tools that are required for basic home maintenance? You can certainly learn by trial and error and are sure to gain confidence and experience with time.
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You just can’t go out and buy any tools.  After all, you need the right tools, and this is why you must get aware of some of the most essential tools required for home maintenance. With the right tools, you can feel confident about fixing a problem as soon as it occurs. 
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Here is a list of those essential tools every home should have.

  • Hammer- This is the first essential tool you should have in your tool kit, and you will be surprised as to how handy and useful this tool is to do odd jobs within the house.
  • Tape measure- A tape may seem not so important, but it is indeed very useful in many situations. Try to get at least a 16-feet tape measure to take care of different and varies measurements.
  • Screwdriver set- Without a proper Screwdriver set, it would indeed be impossible to those repairs. There can be a vast selection, but you can start by buying a few different sizes that will serve you well.
  • A power drill- A drill can be very handy for handling simple house tasks. You will be pleasantly surprised as to how easily you can take care of those repairs with even -voltage electric drill. As the power drill can get expensive, you can always take a small loan at cashlady.com and get the money you need for your urgent needs.
  • Pliers – You will need pliers for pulling, bending, holding, twisting, etc. You might need to undo small nuts or snip off those stubborn nails. A good set of pliers can help take care of those minor repair tasks within the home. 
  • Saws- A standard hand saw is very useful cutting wood and sheets of plywood.  Once you get used to handling saws and working with them, you will find that there is no need to call the carpenter for those minor tasks.
  • Wrenches- Wrenches or Spanners are a must for the tool kit for any home. These tools are very useful for tightening nuts, wall fixings, plumbing fittings or taps. One can buy both ring or combination spanners.
  • Vise grips – If you need something to be held in place while you are working on some other end, then the tools you need are the vise grips. They help to adjust and stabilise anything that fits and need a grip
  • Ladders – While ladders may not seem a part of the tool kit, you are going to need them to cut hedges, clean windows or paint or do any repair task at a height. It is a lot safer and better to use a step ladder than standing on a chair or stool.


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