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Is luxury lingerie really worth the money?

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Today I want to talk about boobs,  Well actually expensive lingerie. I have always loved underwear
but I struggle to get pretty styles in my size. I am a large cup and small back. It's a nightmare. But I love They have the biggest variety of styles and sizes. From inexpensive to the luxury they stock it all.

So first things first I was a bra fitter for a while and one of my biggest frustrations in life is seeing a woman with badly fitted bras. So before we get into the review of the amazing set I was sent let's chat how to measure for your over shoulder boulder holders. Check out this easy guide here. So it is super important to get your right fitting bra. Ill-fitting bras can cause the following issues

  • Back pain
  • Irritations from tight bras
  • Chaffing
  • Constant readjusting
  • Strap marks
  • To much wobble
  • Sore ribs
  • Your spilling out the cup
  • No support 
  • Bad posture
These are just a few of the complications a badly fitting bra can cause you. So make sure to get a regular fitting and don't forget your bra size will change. This is also something that happens in-between hormone cycles. I know it's Wonderfull being a woman. 

Right, let's get to the good stuff. 
Now I have always had to spend about £50 wish to get a bra. I have never really ventured into the luxury lingerie market until know. I was of the opinion that there can't be much difference Right? 
luxury red bra and knicker set on fur rug
Wrong this is the  Aubade Ivresse Byzantin comfort full cup bra £118 and Aubade ivresse byzantin st-tropez shorty £71.

This Is the most beautiful bra set I have ever owned. The colour is gorgeous in real life. It is a pillar box red. This is a full cup bra. Mine is a size 32f and medium shorty. This is so supportive and comfortable to wear.  Which is amazing for an F cup with a small back. It is just gorgeous to look at and feels good on the skin. I am now drawn to order more from Aubade. They have given me faith you can get stunning bras in my size. It honestly sits lovely under any item I have worn with it. It is by far the most show-stopping bra set I have ever owned.  This has blown my mind. 

The briefs are so soft and comfortable. They are shortys so very bootyful.  I tend to order up in briefs. I like them loser than tight. These are simply stunning. They don't rid up and sit lovely on your hips.  If like me you have fallen in love with this set I can honestly say they are worth the splurge. 

Go on treat yourself. 

Excuse the make up free photo. 

Woman in luxury red underwear

back view Woman in luxury red underwear side view of bra set
chest view of red underwear set