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Le Petit Bola, a new brand you will love to discover

Have you ever heard about harmony ball necklaces? Designed and created by Le Petit Bola, a new brand based in the south of France, this jewel is one of my recent best discoveries in the maternity topic. Especially because in this particular case, the maternity necklace is a lot more than just a jewel.
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Bola Ball, a jewel full of history

A bola ball is a pendant, made with a chain or a cord and a little ring. The bell is generally made of gold or silver and will produce a soft sound every time the expectant mother moves. The unborn baby will ear this sound from the 4th month of pregnancy, and this will rock him. It is admitted that the Indonesian women were the first ones to wear it. They do wear it from the very beginning of the pregnancy until the delivery. It is known to be efficient carry happiness.
In Mexico, the harmony ball is seen as a way to link the baby to its guardian angel, it keeps the dark spirit away from him. In India too, the bola ball is a must-have; over there, the mum to be is used to wear it to look after her and her baby.

I love the idea that everywhere in the world, the mums own their pendant to create a connection with their child and protect him. Whatever you believe in, the fact is that the little bell’s sound will calm down your baby while the pregnancy but also after the delivery. By that time, you will be able to sew the bola ball inside his blankie for instance, and it will continue to rock him, acting as a reassuring memory of his time inside.

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A pregnancy necklace model for each mum to be

Good thing is that you will find plenty of different models on Le Petit Bola website. This jewel has to be unique, it goes with your pregnancy, create a connection with your baby, therefore it is important that it can be customised.
The Silver 925 collection is one of my favourite because it stays close to the original bola ball, as the Indonesian women make them. There are 7 different models, all have a precise and detailed design that I find appreciable. Silver 925 is interesting too because it avoids any allergy.

But, the designers also created contemporary collections very much lovable. The personalised collection is interesting because you can add initials on a small medal: mum and dad’s ones, for instance, to get closer to the baby. Or, his owns initials if you already know how you want to name him.
Last but not least, I have to mention the Liberty of London collection. No matter what, it is always so chic when it comes to Liberty. In association with a simple ring, it gives your bola ball a purified and charming style.

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A perfect gift for mum to be
So now that you’ve seen all these beauties, you have chosen your own pendant: good! But have you realised that this also is the perfect gift for a sister, a friend or even a pregnant colleague?  Original, meaningful, sensitive, posh, trendy… it ticks all boxes, isn’t it? You can offer a bola ball for Christmas or for a birthday for instance; it’s also a good idea of a baby shower gift too.

It is a lovely present because it is a way to spoil the mum first, as it is a jewel that will underline her baby bump. However, it will please the baby too as it allows the mum to connect with him through the ring’s melody. She will love it, and his baby too, it is a win-win choice.
Sir, if you are reading this, this definitely is a very nice idea for Valentine’s Day: Don’t say you didn’t know !!

Well, you may have noticed, I very much like this idea of wearing or offering a jewel that says so much, that has such an important background. It makes me feel part of this world, its several cultures, but finally all very similar when it comes to protecting expectant mothers and children.  
What about you girls? Do you have an original way to connect with your unborn child?

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