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My breast lump story.

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This post is about Boobs, breast, tits, funbags, what every you refer to them as this is what this post is about so if you are not interested cool see you next time. I want to share what I have been going through as I know I am not the only one this has happened to and If I am honest I felt uncomfortable about it and I have no idea why. 
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For the last couple of months, I have been having a strange feeling in my right boob. At first, it was a heavy feeling and sometimes a weird pain sensation. I have quite lumpy large breasts anyways, I keep telling myself it is nothing, it will go away. But there is that constant niggle in my head going but what if? 

I was away last weekend seeing some of our wonderful friends. I mention it to my friend and she said she went through something similar and should go and get my breasts checked

Fast forward to Monday. The pain was still there. So I made the call I was dreading. To my doctors. Now we do not have a female doctor in the village. My doctor had to call me to speak to me about the issue. We both decided that he would check it out. This is where the world went crazy in my head. He said we would need to schedule the appointment when there is a nurse available to chaperon us. My reply to him was Has the world gone mad? My doctor needs to be chaperoned to do his job now? Yes, I was feeling embarrassed enough about getting my boobs out for the doctor, let alone need in a nurse to be there too. I told him I didn't require this.  He could fit me in that day. 

I honestly have to question the world when a professional family doctor is no longer trusted to be alone with female patients. I am lucky and have a very good doctor and I have no issue with him seeing me on my own. This kind of rules is not only causing appointments to be delayed but also undermind the credibility of doctors. Yes, There has been the odd occasion, where people have abused their position of trust and this is, unfortunately, the way of life. I say this as an ex-police officer.  

Back to my story. I was in the waiting room worried about the exam. When my doctor came to get me. I sat down and he asked some more questions. Then it was exam time. I got undresses. To be honest. I couldn't have cared less about the doctor seeing my top off. He has seen hundreds of boobs in his time. I was more nervous about what he might find. He gave me a blanket to cover my self up with. I showed him the area I felt the issue. He found a small lump. It is under the breast tissue. It felt a bit sore when he found it. He is not concerned about it. He told me that pain is normally a good sign as a sinister thing tend to have no pain at all.  I nearly fainted this always happens in the doctors. I have no idea why. It's mostly when I think needs. I lay back for a minute until the faint passed. He asked me to get dressed. 

He told me he was not concerned at this time. He asked me a lot of questions. I had thought it might be something I have done in the gym and keep re-injuring. He thinks it could be that or my underwire bras. I have to keep an eye on it and if it is still bothering me in April. I will be referred to the breast clinic.  I feel a lot better now I have seen the doctor. I am one of those people where I don't like bothering the doctor unless my head is falling off as I don't want to take an appointment from someone who might need it. 

The moral of this post is to check your breast regularly and if you find something strange no matter how embarrassed you feel. Go and get it checked. It could save your life. Early detection is the key to a better outcome. Here is breast cancer cares guide to checking your breasts. We should all feel less embarrassed to talk about breast problem. All us girls have them in different sizes and shape it the time it became acceptable to talk more openly about your boobs. 

breast lump story