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How to get rid of scars for good.

Today I want to talk about scarring and How to get rid of it for good. As you may know, I love to mountain bike and one of the down sides of biking is falling off. Which is not only painful but it can leave you with unsightly scarring. 

I have scarring all over my body. Yes I have fallen off a lot. Its is the hazard of the hobby. I actually say if I'm not flying, I'm not trying.  But we all get scars. wether like me its from sports or from your over friendly dog jumping up at you. To your toddler who is going though the biting and scratching stage. In life scarring is inevitable but it does not need to be permanent. Thankfully.  I have done my research and I am going to be attending as they are know to be the best at permanent scar removal in the uk. More about that below. 

Three of my biggest scars are, 

Number one.
when I was about 11 years old. I decided to make popcorn. I know how can this go so wrong. Well we had no sugar in the cupboard. So decided to heat syrup on the stove. You can imagine an 11 year old plus boiling syrup ended in me completely bring my right hand. It was pretty much all burnt. It was a mess for month and now I am left with scarring to the back of the hand. 

Number two. 
This one is due to mountain biking. I decided to get some very beefy Flat pedal which have very aggressive pins to keep your feet on the pedal. Well let me tell you if you slip and fall. These will go straight in to your shin. I have a nice big scar on my left leg. This making wearing skirts and pretty dresses a thing of the past. 

Number three.
The chickenpox scars. So Like every child I contracted chicken pox. Unlike most children I was a teenage and should have known better than to pick at them. Fast forward to now I still have a big scar on my eyebrow it is so annoying.  It is in the most obvious place on my face and is a nightmare when trying to get my brows done . Its time for you to disappear. Mr Pox

These are the reason I am looking in to scar removal. I want to feel confident again in my clothes. 

What is scarring? 
A scar is the result of an injury or wound healing. There are many different types of scarring. 

Fine line cars
These are the most common scars. This is normally a minor cut or graze. This will gradually heal to a faint line. This is also what sugrey scarring will look like. Normally These take two years to get to there final stage of healing but you are left with faint line. 

Keloid scars. 
This is where to there is an excessive growth of tissue at the site of the trauma. These tend to be raised scars and are due to excess collagen at the sight of impact. These can cause restricted movement. 

Hypertrophic Scars
These again are the result of too much collagen. These produce a lot less than Keloid scars. Hypertrophic scars don't extent past the wound area. These can continue to thicken for up to six month from the trauma. These will fade but can take years to do so. 

Sunken or pitted Scars
These tend to be the result of acne and chicken pox. These tend to be as the name suggest sunken. 

Scar Contractures
These are the result of burns. 
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How to get rid of scars for good. 

First knowing the type of scar you have will determine the type of scar treatment you require. There are many types of creams which have big claims to remove scars but there is only one real way. To visit a medical professional who is qualified in scar removal. There are numerous ways to remove scaring from laser Treatments, Dermal fillers, Dermapen and Cryopen. The type of treatment you need will be decided by the doctor at the clinic as different types of scars react better to different treatments. You need to have faith in the clinic you attended and you know, I have done my research. I have to say come out on top. Why not give them a call. If you are like me an would like to see the back of your scarring and say hello to new pretty skin. 

Do you have nay scars you want to get rid of?