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What To Wear On A Date

If you have a date coming up, then you are likely to be in panic mode regarding what to wear for the evening. It is all about finding the perfect balance between looking fantastic yet at the same time looking like you have not tried too hard. This can be a balance which is extremely hard to achieve on such an important day.

When choosing your outfit the key is to look understatedly sexy. You certainly don’t want to turn up leaving nothing to the imagination because this creates no intrigue. Flash a little bit of leg or a little bit of chest – but never too much, and never both. This blog post will give you some great suggestions in order to give you a helping hand and some inspiration for your romantic evening ahead.

One garment which works particularly well for a date is the shift dress. This is something which is chic and stylish and suits all body frames. You could go for a plain block colour dress, and then dress this outfit up with carefully selected jewellery pieces and accessories. In addition to this, a shift dress gives you the license to play around with different types of shoes. But remember; pick shoes that you can walk in! There is nothing more unattractive than turning up to date waddling like a penguin.

If a shift dress does not appeal to you then you should consider teaming a print top with a pair of sleek trousers. This is something which is very sophisticated; however, the print gives you the opportunity to add an element of playfulness and sexiness. This is something which also lends itself well to more adventurous make-up. You can try different coloured lipsticks, try and match your lipstick to colour or shade found on the print of your top.

And finally, another combination which works really well is a shirt with a satin scarf. Opt for a crisp white shirt and team it white a colourful and delicate scarf. This is something which has a very high fashion effect to it. You can team the shirt and scarf combo with a pair of trousers or a fitted pencil skirt – whichever you feel more comfortable in. Genuine leather skirts are great for that sexy yet sophisticated vibe. Remember, if you don’t look comfortable in what you are wearing then it will show.

If you are looking for inspiration regarding what to wear on a date, then try one of the options given in this article. Remember; less is more, feel comfortable, and wear a smile – then you’ll be fine.