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My dream home- what I want.

view from a dream house

I spend a lot of time on Right move and other property sites like it. I can't be the only one who is constantly on the lookout for there dream home. I love to peruse the new listing and imagine, what I would do with the property. Today I thought it would be fun to share with you my requirements for my dream home and why I want them. 

1. I want at least three bedrooms. Our family is my husband and our two dogs.  but I find three or more bedrooms works for us. We have our master bedroom and guest room. Then I have an office in our third bedroom. I would love an extra bedroom but three is a minimum for us. I know what you are thinking there is only two of us. But our best friends live far away and I would love to have extra room when they all come and stay. 

2. Windows
I want huge windows. The floor to ceiling type. I love to live in the country and huge windows would give me the optimum view at all times. I really like to look outside. It keeps me centred and relaxes me. So this one is none negotiable. Plus we are talking dream house right. 

3. A bike room/ connecting garage room. 
We are bikers. Whether its mountain bikes, downhill bikes or road bikes. My husband is always fixing our bikes. I would love for him to have a proper man cave room. Which was heated and well organised with his tools and bikes. This would be the ultimate for us. We could decorate it in a fun and quirky way with neon signs from Neon Mama to make it a fun room to be in. 

4. A conservatory
I have never lived in a house with a conservatory. My in-laws have one and I love it. I love that it makes you feel outside but with the warmth of the inside. Plus you know I like to look outside and this would make the ultimate fitness room and morning coffee space. 

5. walk-in closet
Yes, I am a girlie girl at heart and I would love to have a big walk-in wardrobe with a makeup desk set up. I am guessing my closet would look a bit different from most girls. Yes, I love my designer handbag collection and clothes but I would also have a huge sporting and biking clothes set up. That to me would be the ultimate dream room. Half full of normal clothes and shoes and bags and the other bike wear heaven. This would epitomise me in a room. 

6. A big kitchen
I would love a modern kitchen with a kitchen island with a sink. I love this look and I know it would be so practical. The kitchen is after all the heart of the home and this style of cooking is just so much more social. This would be complete in my eye with an aga cooker. My great granny had one and I have always loved it. You can even now get modern colours like blue. Ok, blue is not for me but each to their own. 

7. A loft conversion.
Since I was little my best friend had her room in the loft conversion. It had amazing roof windows. You used to spend hours looking at the stars from the window. It really was the nicest place to be in the whole house. I remember her parents saying they wish they had kept the room for themselves. 

8. Lots of lands
I want to have lots of space for my dogs to run and play with little restrictions. Also to build some fun biking areas. That would be the best thing ever for me. If I had lots of money I would love to run a kennel or doggy hotel. This would be my dream job. My husband joke that if this comes true I wouldn't give the dogs back to their owners and I would turn in to a crazy dog lady. To me, it sounds like heaven. 

I could go into more details about the house but these are my top wants. What do you want in your dream house?