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The new weight loss meals revolution?

As you know I am into fitness and diet. I love to try the lastest weight loss meals So I can recommend the best programs for you. This giving you an insight into what they are really like. This letting you know what is worth the money and the hype.

I was recently contacted by the team over at dietbon, Who offered me that chance to try their diet and nutrition plan for a week. As you can imagine I jumped at the chance.

Who are dietbon?
They are a fantastic meal diet and weight loss food delivery company. They take the hard work out of dieting and weight loss. They prepare nutritionally balanced, 100% certified natural and super tasty food. Delivered to your door. Made with taste in mind and the nutritional knowledge of a dietician. I mean what more can you want from a diet plan.

A bit about the plan 

There are plans for men and woman starting at £44 per week.  I love that there are different plans for men and woman as a lot of diet plans are one size fits all and this is just not the case. Men and woman need a different amount of nutrition. I choose the woman's plan. 

What dietbon says

Lose weight with our filling, delicious and balanced calorie controlled meals!Your dedicated weight loss plan for women includes:
  • A selection of low calorie meals which you can choose according to your tastes and which are delivered on a monthly basis to your home
  • 6 days out of 7 : your Dietbon plan provides you with meals for 6 days a week. Your free day is an opportunity to make your own choices and we support you in developing healthy eating habits.
  • Dietetic support in the form of monthly consultations with a dietician
  • Weekly online group meetings online led by a dietician
  • A physical customised activity schedule for you (available through your account).

The calorie and menu composition of your program will be personalised for you by your dietician during your first consultation. She will of course there to support you in structuring your free day.Once you reach your goal, we design a balanced plan to help you stabilize your weight.

I made my profile and signed up for my one to one phone call with the dietitian. The dietitian phone call was fantastic. She asked me lots of questions about my lifestyle and needs. She wanted to make sure I was fully aware of how the plan works. She recommended to me that I increase my fruit and veg and add in an extra pretraining snack. You all know I workout and mountain bike a lot. She was so lovely and I really recommend you to make this a top priority. She will answer any question you may have about the program too. She also explained that the meals are all based around french cuisine. She also told me to add fruit and veg to my meal and protein in the form of milk or yoghurt each day. 

I choose the following meals for my 1-week review. These meals are all balances and low in calorie but high in taste. 

Mains 12 items ( one lunch and one dinner per day)
Thyme & Lemon Chicken with diced vegetables
Lamb tajine with potatoes and olives
Beef Bourguignon
sautéed pork with diced vegetables and bacon
Whole meal salad : Conchilglie (Pasta), roast chicken, vegetables and lemon dressing
Whole meal salad : Mini farfalle with chicken and sundried tomatoes
Whole meal salad : Torsadelles pasta with chicken and pesto sauce
Roast chicken fillet with mashed potatoes
English Beef stew and its winter vegetables
Organic Chicken fillet pieces with carrot and potato puree
Pork tenderloin with mashed potato
Pork tenderloin with vegetables and soya sauce


Energy mix with Pumpkin seeds, Raisins, Cashew nuts, Goji berries - GLUTEN FREE

Caramel pudding

2 packs of the 28 days of Tea Detox Morning & Night ( Vitalize Me to energy and focus / Keep Calm  – to destress and relax)

Next up it was time to wait for my delivery. You are sent a tracking link. This is awesome as you will need to be in to collect your order. My meals arrived still chilled and ready to be stored for my week on dietbon. Within my box was My Dietbon Guide to Success booklet. This is crammed packed with helpful information and recipes. I need to mention the recipes in the book have been designed by a Michelin starred chef.

 This is one of the most helpful guides I have ever received with a diet program. There has been so much thought put into the book. It not only give you more details on your plan but it gives you ways to record your weight loss journey. 

All the meals are delivered ready to eat. You just have to follow the instruction on each meal. Normally you pop the meal in the microwave. 

My week. 
I really enjoyed my week on dietbon. I love french food and I found the meals so tasty and filling. At first, I struggled with having a bigger lunch. I am used to having a light lunch. But by doing this I was full for long and this definitely helped with my gym sessions. These meals are just so delicious, you would never believe they are calorie-controlled and good for you. You can lose up to 8lbs a week on dietbon. Some of the meals are so tasty you would like you are at a restaurant. 

I am obsessed with the pancake. They are pure heaven. I honestly can't believe something so tasty is on a diet plan. Who says diets are boring? 

My verdict and results. 
I did lose 3lbs on dietbon. This was never my intention but it was a nice bonus. I wanted to try this food. I felt fully supported on this plan you are even invited to a support group when you sign up where you can ask any question and make new friends. This is suited to people like us who have little to no time and lead super busy on the go lifestyle. No matter what you are doing dinner is only a couple minutes away. Meeting friends for a meal? use your free day. 

This plan is the best I have found for variety and taste. There are over 60 meals to choose from. This gives you so many options you will struggle to have the same meal twice in a months plan. These meals are more than generous in portion-sized I can promise I was never hungry on this plan. I even forgot to have a snack a couple of days. They really are that good. I recommend you try dietbon if you are looking for a good well thought out nutritional diet meal delivery service. 

Go on over to dietbon and get yourself on the road to a healthier and happier you. I have a very special offer for you. When you make your very first order with dietbon. Use the discount code WELCOME and you get 15% off your order and a FREE 28 day Morning and night detox tea. 
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