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My top 5 tips for the perfect holiday in Turkey

I love to travel and It came to my attention I have never really written about where my travel obsession came from. When I was seven I embarked on my first abroad holiday. I remember this being a huge deal. None of my school had ever been further than England and I remember how excited I was to get to fly in an aeroplane. My first trip was to Corfu in Greece. It was thrilling. 

The next year we went to Marmaris in Turkey and here was where I caught the travel bug at the age of eight. I remember so much about that first trip. It was my second time on a plane and it was incredible. I still remember we flew with air2000 and they had little menu cards with our food choices on it. I was the only child on my flight. The aircrew really doted on me. It is funny what you remember as a child right?  There was only one hotel in Marmaris and some holiday apartments. I know what you are thinking. Yes, it was a while ago. Marmaris is a buzzing resort town now. Marmaris was so exotic with the bazaars, sun, food and culture back then and it still is now. It was and is a place of beauty and magic. The whole country of Turkey is a wonderful place. I have traveled to numerous places within the country now.

I remember the first time we touched down at Dalaman airport. It was my first ever experience of armed police. I was mesmerised. It was all so different. I remember having to queue to receive our visa to enter the country. I had never experienced anything like this. I didn't know you had to pay to enter a country before, so the Turkey visa fee was very new to me. I remember clearly my grandad explaining this to me. He explained that it was inexpensive and he thought it was a great idea.  It was a great learning experience. Since that day to this Turkey has a big place in my heart. I have in total been to Turkey eight times from family vacations to friend group trips and romantic breaks. I have covered them all in my time. 
Today I want to tell you my top 5 tips on how to make your trip to Turkey one to remember. I feel like I am in a good place to help you plan your ultimate trip to this amazing country. 

1. First, do yourself a favour and buy your visa online before you go.  When you travel to Turkey you will need a visa. Unless of course, you belong to a visa-exempt country. I use the e visa Turkey and its hassle-free. It is fantastic to use, so simple. You do everything online before you go. You apply for your official visa. Pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal. Then your visa is emailed to you. You can even do a last-minute application. Which can be turned around in 14 minutes. 

2. Do a Turkish bath or Hamam. I can not recommend this enough. This is a very peaceful and blissful experience. This is one of those things in life you really need to do at least once. I took my husband who, to be honest, wasn't thrilled at the idea and he loved it. 

There are so many types of Turkish baths to try. Personally, I would always start with a traditional one. In a Turkish bath, there is normally a mixture of rooms to enter such as a hot room and a cold room. It is similar to a spa.  You start your treatment with a lovely therapist washing, massaging and scrubbing you. This is something to do at the start of your holiday if you wish to tan. This will help that process 10 fold. 

There are normally strict rules about males and females not mixing. If you are female you will have a female therapist and males will have a male therapist. If you are in a hotel setting, they may allow men and woman to mix in the rooms. But in Traditional Hamam men and woman will not mix and there may be different times of the day for each sex.

3. Try a traditional Turkish restaurant. Depending on which part of Turkey you go to there will be a fantastic Turkish restaurant. Turkish food is to die for. To start with you are serviced a huge blown up nan style bread with garlic butter to dip. I could eat this every day for the rest of my life. It is divine. Traditional Turkish food is full of spices, rice and marinated meat. The flavours are out to this world. You will not be able to replicate this in your own kitchen. You need to try the real thing and thank me later. 

4. Venture out. I have done a number of fantastic trips in Turkey. It is so tempting to sit on the beach or by the pool but you really need to see the country you are visiting. I Promise you Turkey will not disappoint you. 

From Ephesus, an ancient Greek village with some of the best archaeological finds in the world to the stunning UNESCO protected Pamukkale. Pamukkale sits on a high cliffside overlooking Southwest Turkey. It has calcite laden thermal springs and a series of waterfalls and not forgetting the white terraced pools. These pools contain 35c water. It is said to have therapeutic properties. Plus it is so beautiful. Turkey has so many wonders to be seen and to immerse yourself in. The country is full of history and culture. If would be rude to not see some of the wonders of Turkey. 

5. General etiquette. Turkey is a predominantly Muslim country. You are a visitor. You have to respect this amazing place and most importantly the people.  Turkish people are very hospitable and kind. I know you will not leave the country without one invite to have tea. Remember to be polite and friendly.

Things that are ok in your country may not be in Turkey. You should always check before you travel. But for instance, it is not acceptable to sunbathe topless. This is common sence. It is not acceptable to be drunk.  It may be acceptable in big resorts but always err on the side of caution. When not in the big resort you must dress conservatively. Always do your research before you go to a country that is different than your own. 

Most importantly have a great trip in Turkey and make memories. It will be a trip of a lifetime I can promise you that. Turkey is one of those places that once you have travelled there once you will want to return.