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Review of Sudio TOLV PINK earbuds @sudio #sudio #sudiomoments

Today, we are talking Headphone or earbuds or whatever you want to call them. As you know, if you have followed me for a while. I workout and cycle at least 5 times a week. I workout mostly at home. I do a lot on Zwift. Which if you don't know what that is, It is an online road biking fitness program. This is done with a smart turbo trainer linked up to your computer or MacBook pro in my case. Gym work tends to be light cardio and weight training. I also walk my dogs up the hills and like to have my music on. 

I feel I can put any earbuds or headphone to the test. 

Let me introduce today's product 
I was contacted by the lovely people at Sudio and Gifted these Sudio TOLV PINK earbuds. £99.
 The Tolv earbuds come in 5 colours. I have chosen the pink ones. As you can see from the photos there are no wires to contend with. They arrived in a gorgeous case. Which it turns out is how you charge the headphone. More about that later. When I first saw them I thought they looked quite big for my ears. I have very small ears. My husband got excited thinking he could have them. No chance. These fit my ears perfectly. Now, this lead me to think they wouldnt fit my husband. I was wrong he has tried them too and they fit him too. These are designed so well if they can fit both of us with no issues. They are super lightweight and comfortable. 

First up like all new products I had to charge them up. You do this by putting the earbuds back into the case. You attach the charging cable to the back of the case and plug into a USB cable. These were fully charged in 20 minutes for me. The case is great quaility really robust but gorgeous in design. It is perfect for sticking in your bag for one the go. 

So it was time to pair with my music and really test these babies out. I paired these to my phone which is an iPhone. You can use an andriod too. All I had to do was go into the Bluetooth setting and there they were ready to contact. The press of the button on the earbuds and I am listening to my favourite tracks.

 The button on the earbud is multipurpose it controls music and phone calls. I like a nice simple system I have to say. There is nothing worse than having to fiddly with button when you are working out. The earbuds have a mic on each of the buds for phone calls. 

The sound quality is the best I have ever had. They are noise cancelling. To put this to the test I went on my Turbo trainer. Even though I have a relatively quiet trainer before The Tolv came into my life I could still hear the turbo trainer and outside noise along with my music but not with these. The sound is crystal clear and crisp. I hear bits of songs I hadn't heard before. Hands down the best earphone/buds I have ever owned. My husband even tried to have a conversation with me and I didn't hear him. They are so comfortable and needed no adjustment once in. I forgot I was wearing them. 

I have used these for the last couple of days and haven't run out of battery. I believe it has a 35 hours battery life. It will take me a while to get to that I think.  You also have a pairing range of 15 meters. So you can have your phone or device anywhere you like and still pair with it. 

They also sweat resistant. I definitely put that to the test with a few hard workouts. They have a 1-year warranty and free delivery. I can hand down say these have changed my workouts and I now am using them as I work. I really don't know how I lived before them. All the problems I had with my old headphones are no more. If like me you workout hard you will know about hot ears. This is not something I have ever gotten with the Tolv earbuds. Honestly, these are awesome. 

Why not check them out for yourself. 
The lovely people at Sudio have given me a 15% off discount code for you all to get your own set. Just pop missljbeauty in at the checkout and enjoy the discount.