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How to get to sleep and stay sleeping with The Restored

Let's talk about sleep, shall we? I am an on and off insomniac. I go through periods of no sleep and normal sleep. Unfortunately, when I am in a period of no sleep My whole body feels the detrimental effects of the lack of sleep. The body needs sleep to function. right? This is where my journey with The restored advanced sleep aid begins. 

What happens when you do not sleep. 
Sleep is vital in maintaining the normal function of your body. Sleep is the time the body does most of the repair work. Your body is constantly working hard to stay alive and not giving it a rest period can cause a number of problems. 

These can include

  • Mood swings, you can become moody and irritable even upset and emotional. This can lead to depression and anxiety. 
  • Memory issues. Your brain is overworked and underpaid. When you do not rest and it can cause you to have mental fog and think slower and be less alert. 
  • Accidents. As with the above, you are more likely to be clumsy and have accidents as you are not concentrating enough. 
  • Weight gain. Your body is not working at full capacity. The brain is not interpreting the chemicals that tell your brain you are full. This can lead to overeating and in turn weight gain 
  • Weaken immune system. Lack of sleep can affect the Immune system and lead you to pick up more colds and flu and other germs. 
  • Lack of sex drive. Let's face it if you are overtired you are going to be less likely to want to have sex. 
There are of course more symptoms and not everyone will have them all or many people will only suffer from one or two of the above symptoms. Everyone reacts to sleep deprivation differently. 

What I have been doing to get my sleep back. 

You might remember the post I did about The Restored. If you haven't go and check it out. I love The restored, They have the same ethics as me. 

A bit about The restored

How can the Restored help me?
Good health doesn’t need to be complicated. The Restored's philosophy is grounded in the Four Foundations of Health. We believe restoring the Four Foundations of Health is the best way of helping you feel significantly better.To make significant improvements to our health, we need a good baseline in all four foundations; sleep, nutrition, movement and mindset. They are so deeply interlinked that if one foundation is weak, the others’ tremble too. You are only as strong as your weakest link! So significant improvements come from identifying and restoring your weakest foundations, which in turn helps improve all aspects of your health, so you feel noticeably better.
I was very lucky and the lovely people at the restored sent me a bottle of Advanced night-time nutrients to try.  These are £29 for 60 tablets. If you buy more bottle there is a discount available. These little tablets are packed with 9 nutrients which are essential for good sleep. These tablets are vegan, GMO-free and all-natural ingredients. 
Essential nutrients for better quality sleep Sleep is essential for a healthy, happy life, but stress of modern living means many of us are not only highly deficient in vital nutrients needed to sleep but also unable to switch-off at bedtime, causing serious sleep health issues. To sleep well, what’s needed is a formula that restores lost nutrients for deeper, better quality sleep combined with practical advice for a healthy sleep mindset and routine. The Restored Sleep Aid and sleep guidance can help you sleep better for good. Made in the UK.

I started my Advanced night-time nutrient journey by taking one tablet for the first three nights. Then I moved on to two tablets per night. I normally took them about 30 minutes before I want to fall asleep. You start with one table to help your body get used to converting 5HTP to serotonin, Serotonin is the brains happy chemical this in return helpings you to sleep. I found these so helpful. 

I have had a fantastic few weeks of sleep since I have been taking these tablets. I am falling asleep quicker and not waking up as often. I feel well-rested and refreshed in the morning. These are natural ingredients and are not sedatives there have been no nasty side effects at all. I have really found a massive difference since these entered my life. I found a difference from about day 4. I was also using The Restored sleep course, Which is super helpful and informative. I recommend giving it a go with your tablets. 

I honestly think if you are suffering like I was with lack of sleep, you need to try these tablets. They have changed my sleeping pattern for the better and in turn my well-being. I feel I am getting more out of life again. I am training harder and feel healthier. It is so important to find the best sleep aids so that you can live a better and healthier life.