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The restored the new revolution

Today we are talking about how to improve your health. Yes, this does not have to be difficult. As you know I am an advocate of a healthy lifestyle for your body and mind. I have discovered this new startup company called The Restored, This company has the same moral principles as myself. I think it would only be fair for me to introduce you to them?

Who are they?
The restored is a new revolution in the health and wellbeing market. It features supplements and equipment. Their main philosophy is simple
 everybody deserves to feel healthy and feeling noticeably better really doesn’t have to be difficult, it’s about focusing on the right things. 
 We all know we can hit the gym as much as we want but if our basic needs are not met. It can be very difficult to reach any goals. Our basic needs as humans are to sleep to recharge our body and minds. We need food for nutrition. You know I love the old analogy of treat your body like a machine what you put in is what you get out and all that.  We need to keep moving. Get out go to the gym, hit the bike get fit. The next one is, in my opinion, one of the most important. The mindset you can not achieve any goals without a healthy and happy mind. Now if one of the cycles is broken you can not train or function as a human. So we need to get these simple steps right? Don't we yeas of course.

Enter The restored. First, you head to their site and take a small health test.
You are asked a series of question about yourself and your lifestyle. A couple of examples.

How many hours of sleep you get a night
How many fruit and veg do you eat a day?
How much fitness do you do?
Do you suffer back pain?

This is an in-depth evaluation of your overall health and wellbeing. To get the best result you need to be 100% honest. This is not a fake it til you make it test. You need to tell the truth.

Good nutrition is the key to good mental and physical health.
After the test, you are given health advice. The restored explains what you need in your diet and why. You are given your own personal feel better plan. Mine is to

Restore Your Foundations Of Nutrition. 
The Restored Four Foundations of Sleep
There is so much advice here it is fantastic. I had a feeling I would get the nutrition one. I am very healthy but I will let nutrition slide if I am busy. I really like the advice. No fab diets here just straight to the point good honest advice that I can stick to.

I need to add more water to my diet. They recommend always having a bottle of water and as soon as it is finished top it up again. That's a fantastic tip. They also recommend making your water more interesting so it is more appealing like adding lemon.

Next, eat 5 portions of fruit and veg. I have to be honest lately with a busy lifestyle and my training I have been letting this slide. There are again handy tips like adding spinach to a smoothie or trying a veggie curry. I will try this and make an effort to increase my fruit and be a bit more adventurous with my smoothie game. I will also add in some fresh fruit juices and make more summer soups.

They also recommend eating a rainbow. This is great advice as we all know we should be doing this and it is a great way to remember to try new things.

Have you done The Restored health quiz yet? Why not pop over and take the test for yourself. Don't forget to tell me what you got. We all need to be more like The restored.