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The Spice girls and walkers.

Let's talk about nostalgia. A press release has never gripped my excited until this one thudded into my mails box. A quick trip back to my childhood. I grew up in the '90s. Yes, the era of all thing cool. Ok, maybe not but to me, they where. What screams 90's to you the most. If you are British. There can only be one thing you are thinking right?

Baby, Sporty, Posh, Ginger and Scary... I give you the SPICE GIRLS.

Who are they ( come on everyone know who they are right)
Baby aka Emma Bunton, Sporty  aka Melanie Chisholm, Posh aka Victoria Beckham, Ginger  aka Geri Halliwell and Scary aka Melanie Brown

Wannabe was the first ever single I bought. I remember it so well. Being a highland girl, I was visiting family in Edinburgh and I went into the big HMV store on Princes Street and bought the single. It was played to death. They were not only the start of a revolution of girl power but they are a British institution. From the platform trainers to that union jack dress made from a Tea towel. You would have to have lived under a rock to not know who they were and to have a favourite. I would change my mind between baby and Ginger in case you were wondered. My husbands claim to fame is one of the spice girls was a lifeguard in his local pool in Maidenhead.

They went on to break records and win awards all over the world. This was before social media people. They are still arguably the biggest ever pop group from the UK. They changed the music industry with upbeat female-powered anthems. I can still list so many songs. The ones of the top of my head and I still know the words to are Who do you think you are?,  Mama, say you'll be there, and 2 become 1. They were like nothing that came before them. They worked with huge brands like Pepsi, Walkers, Impulse,  I remember having these body sprays. To say they were huge would be an understatement. They even made a film. Spice world.

Of course, we all remember the day Geri left the band and who can forget the final break up. I remember fans crying on the streets. But with reunion tour on the go now. With the band except for Victoria Beckham, it is back to Spicemania for a lot of us.

Sorry, I got lost in Spice world there.  Back to the press release and the inspiration for this post THE SPICE GIRLS AND WALKERS have teamed up again and given away hundreds of prizes. 

This ad is so funny. What were you favourite spice girl memory?