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How to beat constipation

This is maybe a bit TMI you have been warned but I suffer from IBS. In my case, this is normally severe constipation. Yip, I went there. My background I have had this thought out my mid 20's onwards. It is a pain in the ass. Yes, I mean that Pun. I once had to go to A&E about this as I had a faecal impaction. That was a fun few days. 
person holding stomach looking uncomfortable and in need of the toilet

There is very little about this subject online. I am sick of hiding in the shadow with this condition. I have to plan my bowel movements. Yip that is a thing. I thought I would share with you the way I keep my colon healthy. Over the last 10 years, I have tried so many things. That I thought it is only fair to share this with you. 

I am sick of having to not talk about the pain I am in, The constant bloating. The content worrying where the nearest toilet is.  The constant stomach noises and When and what to take to help myself. It is a real problem in my life. When I am planning any trip I have to be so careful with where I am going. There are many easy and effective ways to relieve constipation so lets talk about them. 

I drink at least 2.2 litres of water a day. I bought a large water bottle and fill it in the morning to make sure I at least have this in my body. This should never include tea and coffee. Tea and coffee are dehydrating so you need to forget that and drink above and beyond that. There is an argument that sparkling water helps relieve constipation but I personally haven't found that one helpful.

First and foremost your diet. Find out what your body can and can not accept. I know for a fact Milk is a trigger for me. So I cut down my milk consumption. I switch cows milk for almond milk in coffee for example. I don't like soya milk but this is a great alternative. 

I am not good with red meats like venison. If you know me I love venison. So I have this maybe once a year and have all my remedies on hand for the pain afterwards. Yes, I should just cut it out. But I love it. Think of your body more like a machine. What you put in is what you get out. You put in the rubbish. This is hard to process for the body so it will be harder to eliminate. 

The basic rule of thumb is to avoid.  The following as much as possible
Gluten laden food, processed grains, milk and dairy products, red meat, fried and fast food
and unripe bananas

You can easily get an allergy test to determine how you process food. So do this. This will help you get an in-depth look at your body intolerances. 

Prunes are said to help with bowel movement so if you like them get them on the shopping list and eat yourself to a poo. 

Up your fibre intake. This is mandatory to make your colon work and help you to eliminate your stool. Its as old as time but fibre is a key ingredient to keeping your bowel healthy. You can also try adding supplements. I always check out reviews before I order. 

Move your body. You need to incorporate fitness into your life. I am not saying you need to kill yourself in the gym. I know that is not for everyone but you can easily add in a few extra steps a day and make it a priority. Getting the body to move will, in turn, make it work harder trying to function. think back to making your body a machine. You would always look after a machine wouldnt you. So why are you not looking after the most important one your body?

Coffee has been known to help in the poo department. It can work as a bit of a laxative. Just remember to try and not have any cows milk in your coffee. this is to give this even more of a chance of working. I have to have three cups of coffee a day, This is for my low blood pressure but I think it helps me keep a bit more regular. 

Aw, these little tablets have been a staple in my cupboard since I had to go to the hospital with faecal impaction. I will often have to take these for overnight relief. I have contacted my doctor. She has said this is fine. These are not for the faint of heart. This can end up in stomach pain and a long time on the toilet but I would rather that than the pain. I encountered it before I had to go to the hospital. You dont have to take the hardcore type you can try senna tablets which is a natural laxative. If I am honest these never worked for me. This is normally where my poo planning must come into play. If I am particularly stuffed up. I need to think about where I am going. Unfortunately, laxatives dont work instantly and their effectiveness is guaranteed but the time of this is not. I have had to get up through the night Or wake up in the morning wanting to go or it can be as late as midday. I would therefore not recommend taking this if you have to be somewhere important the next day. For me, this is the best elimination if I am struggling. 

No matter your circumstances if you are reading this. You should contact your doctor and make an appointment. I know it is embarrassing for you but your doctor is very happy to chat about bowel habits with you. If you have had any major changes in your habit. Please contact your doctor. One of our friends found blood in his stool which turned out the be cancer. Keep a check on your movements. As unpleasant as this might but it can save your life.