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Throw out the scales! How to really check your body fat.

Today we are talking about fitness and diet. I get asked a lot about, how do I keep track of my weight and fitness results.  I am sick to death of people telling me they worry about the number on the scales. If you have followed me for a while, you will know I have been size 22/24 UK. I lost 7 and a half stone and If I can do it you can do it. Not once whilst I was dieting did I worry about the number on the scales. Why because it is an inaccurate measurement.  Where do I start? As a woman, our body's change day by day due to our menstrual cycles, time of day, training type etc. If I could I would throw out every pair of scales I see. If you must use them then only as a guide nothing else. Scales have a lot of answer for in my opinion. 

What I recommend is DEXA scan, This is the by far the best way to get a full and comprehensive idea of your body and what it is made up of. This is the best technology on the market. It is performed by qualified doctors. Not by you placing it on your bathroom floor and trying to think light thoughts. 

So Why Dexa Scan. 
It is important to get a proper picture of what you are working with. This measurement cannot be faked or adjusted. It is performed by qualified doctors. The result is fully explained by a professional. You can, of course, ask questions.  You get a complete measurement of your body. You will leave knowing which areas you need to work on and which you don't have to worry about. If like me, you like to workout, Then this is a must. We all have areas that fat clings to and it is harder to shift from. Imagine knowing you need to work on your bum and stomach or your legs need to be stronger. Awesome I can now adapt my workout to make them more focused on making my body the healthiest and strongest it has been. 

 I could go into the nitty gritty but go check it out on their site, how-it-works. They explain it better than I could. 

DEXA is more accurate and more reproducible than any other body composition measurement
How it works
"A DEXA scan, or dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry, uses x ray technology to determine the distribution of lean muscle, fat, water and bone in your body. Unlike any other body composition measuring tool, DEXA results are highly accurate and highly reproducible.
It works by passing two safe and very low dose x-ray beams at differing energy levels through the tissues of the body. The amount of radiation that passes through the tissue is measured by a detector. The computer then determines how much of your tissue is muscle fat water or bone and where it’s all stored"
It is a super easy and straight forward scan and it only takes 20 minutes. You get comfy on the bed and relax whilst your doctor does the rest. 

What your results will you get?
 Receive and understand your results on the same day of your scan. with healthcare professional.

  • Total body bone mineral density- this measures how strong your bones are. This giving you an accurate picture of there fragility. 
"DEXA is today’s established standard for measuring bone mineral density (BMD) and is most often performed on the spine, hips or forearm."
  • Total body muscle mass- your gains, if you are into fitness. This is where you check out where your workout is working for and where you need to improve. 
  • Total body fat mass- the key to a lean body
  • Total body bone mass. 
  • Total body fat percentage- Here is where you will see what you are working with and what you could improve on. 
  • Muscle and fat mass in the trunk.
  • Muscle and fat mass in your right and left arm and legs- Check out which is your stronger side and which one needs more work. 
  • Central abdominal fat measurement- abs like slabs?

All from a 7-minute scan. That is amazing. I can imagine you are all like me and convinced we should all invest in our health and get a DEXA scan booked in. This is by far the only real ways to monitor your body properly.