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5 Great Makeup Tips For People With Pale Skin

When you're doing makeup, it’s important that you consider your skin tone and choose products that match it, and that doesn’t just mean your foundation. People with pale skin often struggle to get their makeup right and they may feel self conscious because tanned skin is so often associated with beauty and health. You always hear people talk about a healthy glow and when you’ve got lighter skin, that is very hard to achieve, especially in the winter. But don’t worry, pale skin can look just as good as darker shades, you just need to know how to get your makeup right. If you have fair skin and you struggle to get your makeup looking good, here are some great tips for you.

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Use Primers With Sun Protection
If you have fair skin with less pigment and a thinner structure, your skin is far more vulnerable to sun damage. You probably already know this and that’s why you always make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen when the weather is warm. But even if it doesn’t seem that sunny outside, your skin may still be at risk so it’s best to use some form of sun protection all of the time. The easiest way to do that is to use a primer that has SPF protection as well. A good primer will create an even base layer for your makeup and rejuvenate your skin while protecting it from the sun at the same time.

Mix Foundation With Skin Care
A great tip that works for everybody, but especially people with fair skin, is mixing skin care products with your foundation. If you use a good quality foundation and mix it with some skin oil or a hydrating serum, you’ll get a much better finish that lasts all day long. This is one of the best ways to get that healthy glow that people with fair skin often struggle to achieve. When you’re applying foundation to pale skin, less is more. A lot of people make the mistake of layering on too much to make their skin look less pale but the end result won’t look good and it’s not great for your skin either. It’s best to use quality products sparingly instead of using multiple layers of thick foundation.

Use Tan Lipstick
When you’re choosing lipstick, there aren’t any hard and fast rules and it really just comes down to personal preference. But if you worry about your skin being too fair, you should go for a nude shade of matte liquid lipstick, preferably one that matches the tone of your lower lip as closely as possible. If you go for something too dark like a deep red, it can accentuate your skin tone and make you appear paler. If you are going to use a darker shade of lipstick, you need to make a conscious effort to make your lips the focus and keep the rest of your makeup light and understated.

Be Careful With Blusher
Blusher is a great way to give your face a little more colour to your skin but you have to be careful with it if you have fair skin. If you apply it too heavily, it will give you a rosy cheeked look rather than the subtle glow that you’re going for. Always make sure to choose a good quality blusher that blends well with the rest of your makeup so you can make sure that it looks natural. Then start to apply it very lightly and blend it. You can build up layers gradually until you get the tone that you want, without going overboard and ruining the natural glow. If you want a more dramatic look, layer up some deeper shades but if you want your makeup to have a more natural feel, coral and peach coloured blushers are perfect.

Choose The Right Self Tan
Self-tanning is the simplest way to give your skin more colour but you have to make sure that you choose the right one. There are a lot of self tanners out there that have a bad smell or don’t give you an even, natural looking coverage and if you’re using those products, you won’t be making your skin look better. Different self tan products work on different skin types and tones so the best way to find one that works for you is to just experiment with them. When you’re using a self tanner, always use it sparingly to begin with and build it up slowly, otherwise, you could go overboard and it won’t look natural at all.

Pale skin can be difficult but if you follow these simple makeup tips, you can get that beautiful glow that you’re looking for.