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Van conversion and solar powered lights.

I am writing from sunny Andorra. I am currently sat up in Vallnord bike park enjoying the killer trails and views. We are travelling in our van conversion and I want to share with you one of my favourite items I have for the van. If you know anything about being a van traveller, you will know that this type of travel is all about saving space and power. We have everything we need running of a leisure battery. So this leaves very little power for charging things. If at all possible you need a solar powered thing to make thing more energy efficient.

Enter my New fairy lights. Yes, I know this is normally a product seen at Christmas and other celebrations but hear me out. I have found these, KooPower 100 LED Dual Power Fairy Lights £12.95. 

What makes them so special. This is in their words. I could rewrite it but I think they are the experts in their product. So let's let them explain there amazingness. 
  • High Efficiency Solar & Battery Powered: KooPower dual power fairy lights can be powered by SOLAR and BATTERY. The solar panel works efficiently with a good amount of sunlight in summer. And additional battery powered will ensure the fairy lights work well under dull overcast days in winter.
  • 100 LEDs Fairy Lights: 10cm distance between LED bulbs on 10m/ 33ft copper main, 1.5m transparent lead. Perfect for wedding, garden, gate, porch, window, lawn, tree, camping, fence, backyard, shed, swing etc. Nice warm glow and they look great as a effective garden ornamental lighting system.
  • EASY TO SHAPE: Flexible fairy lights on 10m/ 33ft Copper Wire with 1.5m transparent lead can be easily built into the shapes you want: wrapping around tree trunks or gazebos, around your shed and garden swing, lighting up a pathway and dark set of stairs, putting along the fence and arbour, crossing above the patio.
  • 8 Lighting Modes: The Gorgeous Light Effect including Combination, Chasing/ Flash, In wave, Slow fade, Sequential, Twinkle/ Flash, Slo Glo, Steady on. 8 modes and brightness setting provide the perfect solution for your decorative lighting needs.
  • Timer and Memory Function: Timing program (6 hours on, 18 hours off) will work when turn on the fairy lights in the dark. Memory Function: Once the mode is selected, the light will work in this mode next time. PLEASE NOTE Removing or changing the batteries will delete all previous settings.

I have used these non-stop since we have been away. They are the perfect light to have. I have used them as light in our van and out our van. I have not added batteries to them as I find they work amazingly with solar power and last super long. I haven't managed to run the battery out yet. I just pop them in the front of the van in the day time with the solar panel facing the sun of course and they are ready to rock and roll at night.

They are on a handy wire which can be wrapped around anything. I have had them on trees, our window and our table.  You get 100 LED light which are about 10 meters in length. There are so many of them. It's fantastic. These have been a fantastic addition to the van. I could not recommend them enough. As you can see from the photo's they really are fantastic. You can use them for any occasion. I would be tempted to use them for wedding and any other outdoor occasion as they just look so pretty. 

I had another camper come over and ask me where I got them. As they could not believe how good they were and how nice they made out camp look. I think that in its self is a huge recommendation for these lights. KooPower also offers other solar-powered light too. Why not go and check them out and see what you can get for your outdoor or indoor lighting needs.