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Why we should all have family counselling

We all have a family. There is a huge misconception that all family life is a bit like a movie scene. The two-point-four children in a detached house. The mother stays at home and the father works. Right? Wrong this has not been the norm for a modern family for a long time. The modern world can be criticised for many things but opening peoples eyes to the reality that all families are different has been a great step forward. There are so many types of family single parents, same-sex parents, Blended families and many many more. There are blood family and there is the family you make for yourself. The traditional family is no longer the norm and I love that. 

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I have always been an advocate of mental health awareness and always will be. Today I want to talk about family counselling. I was reading a post on Regain.us about the top 10 reasons why you may need family counselling. If you don’t know regain.us, you need to go and check them out. There are so many helpful posts on this site. Everything from marriage help to friendly advice. Basically, any problem you have, there is an awesome post on this for you to go and have a look at.  You need to bookmark this site. It is one of my go-to for any advice. If I am struggling I always pop on to Regain.us and have a look around for some posts. 

Anyways I digress, This post really got me thinking. We have all accepted that mental health is an issue for someone us, Well all of us But we have not accepted that family are not this picture perfect thing. Families are complicated and no two families are the same. I myself have had numerous family issue and have had counselling to help me get through it. Counselling is for the good times and the bad time. 

There are all sorts of issues the modern day family can face. Of course the ones from the post I was reading. 

Some other example I can think of. 

A family disagreement
Everyday disagreements
Anger management
Death of a loved one
Learning difficulties 
Family break down
Loss of a family pet
Introducing a new family member
Leaving home
Moving the family
New Jobs. 

All of these I could write a post on in its self. There are so many challenges to life. Why are we not accepting help? The system is there for us and we should use it. I know growing up with dyslexia was hard for me and my family, I think things could have been handled a lot better with the help of a qualified professional. Life is if anything too short to not get the help your family deserves. 

There is no shame in asking a professional for help. That is after all, what they are there for. So many things would be easier ironed out with some help. I like to think of my body and mind as the same. If I get hurt I can see a doctor, a dentist, or physiology therapist. So why when our brain needs help and guidance do we not automatically go and see a professional. I really want to make counselling as mainstream as a dental checkup and why shouldn’t it be. Imagine a life where you could get the help and guidance you needed. That sound like bliss right? So book that family counselling session and teach your children it is a normal and very healthy thing. If we can bring up the next generation to me more active in getting the help they need I think out time on this earth will be for something bigger and better than ourselves. Just some food for thought there.